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Report: WWE Day 1 (Brock Lesnar punta Big E)

Report: WWE Day 1 (Brock Lesnar punta Big E)

Good morning to all wrestling fans. I’m Bjork Rajta and this is a WWE DAY 1 report! It’s not even time to congratulate us and here we are in our first WWE PPV of the year.

Breaking news: Roman Reigns tests positive for Covid-19. The match with Brock Lesnar will not take place but Lesnar has been put on Fatal-4’s path to the WWE Championship.

Tag Team Match: Cesaro & Ricochet vs Sheamus & Ridge Holland

The first match of the evening comes from kickoff. We start Sheamus and Cesaro in the ring. Sheamus immediately gave the card to Ridge Holland. Tricks and combinations between Ridge and Cesaro. Huge back cutters by Cesaro in Holland. Ricochet enters and Swanton arrives from the ground. Ricochet lands badly on Holland, which begins to bleed. Personally, it seems to me that there may be a broken nose. Apparently Sheamus comes in and takes the tag while Ridge is treated outside. Sheamus punishes Ricochet in the ring, not even the shadow of Holland Ridge. They confirm from the comments table the possibility of a broken nose. An unfortunate start to the match between Holland and Ricochet. Sheamus has problems. Access 10 stabs Sheamus on Ricochet. He confirmed a broken nose and an absence for the rest of the match for Holland. The four are very unlucky, but Sheamus tries to do it alone. The Irish have a clear advantage until Cesaro enters which certainly puts the Celtic warrior in difficulty. Out of nowhere comes Brouge Kick! 1 … 2 … 3! Sheamus wins

Winners: Seamus and Ridge Holland
Rating: 6.5

Now let’s start with the actual PPV!

SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Palio: The Usos vs. New Day

Jimmy and Xavier begin. The king tried to impose himself by force and began to take tricks on the hero. Kick on the abs, tick the Kofi and double suplex. Jimmy’s slap that doesn’t fit but Kofi seems too quick and kicks Jimmy out of the face after a flight. Jey distracts Kofi and then kicks Jimmy Kofi out of the ring. Suplex Ji appeared who had just entered. Jimmy and J play dirty and make double moves from time to time. Ji with peace and numbness on his face. Kofi tries to resist while the brothers continue to mark and dominate. Kofi finally reacts!! From the third thread he pushes Jey away and DDT arrives as a countermove. Jey tag for Jimmy, Kofi tag for Xavier. The king entered well and took out Osos. My house darling is trapped outside the ring where both brothers are. Jey takes a kick to save his brother who manages to gain an advantage over Jimmy. Jey’s Samoan Drop has just returned. 1 … 2 … no! Kofi Kingston is seen again who finally helps the king but the brothers still managed to win. Use Jimmy Splash. 1 … 2 … no! Jimmy starts attacking Kofi’s sore knee. Kingston reaches the ropes stage. Xavier helps Kofi take out Jimmy. Coffee with 2 roll ups and 1 SOS!!! Only three counts out of 2. Double action on the new day with Xavier becoming the rightful man of the match. However, Osos woke up and was able to drive Xavier out. Kofi is an easy catch now. Double splash!! The final practically. 1 … 2 … Xavier saves! J and Jimmy are still in the ring. Another great teamwork by Usos. 3D up! 3D! 1 … 2 … 3! Kofi takes the pin.

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SmackDown: Team Usos Winners & More
Opener: 7.5

Singles Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss

Promo for Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. Typical heels promotions where you make fun of the city that hosts the event and Drew McIntyre who is tired and enters it. The match begins. The two studies are in the middle of the ring. Suplex, clothesline and madcap on the floor. Belly to Belly by Drew but restores Madcap. Suplex from mousse! Suplex, neckbreaker! McIntyre attempts future shock but Madcap continues to dodge it. He even manages to dodge another future shock but he can’t escape from Claymore! 1 … 2 … 3!

Vinitor: Drew McIntyre
Rating: 6

RAW Tag Team Championship in Palio: RK-Bro vs. Street Profits

Riddle and Angelo Dawkins begin. Immediately tag a Montez Ford after Angelo’s clothesline. Riddle seems upset at this start and Orton’s sign arrives. Dawkins side locks and then puts a lot of pressure on Orton. Randy regains height and searches for a RKO but Angelo slips away. Dawkins marks Montez who practically begins dancing before the start of the confrontation with Orton. Ford starts fine but then Orton calls dropkick. Swanton with Orton spinning Riddle on the Ford. Riddle got the card while he was inside. Meanwhile, Montez creeps up like an eel and enters Dawkins. Re-enter Ford. A puzzle on too bright a brandy comparison today. Tried some kicks but Dawkins fights very well. Splash on Dawkins Corner. Randy wants the tag but Riddle’s situation is very difficult but he manages to come to life with a bike kick over Dawkins’ head. Enter Orton who kills both opponents and is also able to connect with a double silver spoon of DDT. He tried RKO but that didn’t come and Ford started getting angry at Orton. He pushes her shoulder to the stake. Orton and Riddle go out together behind the stake. Montez Ford flies out of the ring on Mondays. It falls in two and wakes up in two. Riddle pushes Ford away who falls prey to RKO. 1 … 2 … 3!

Primary Tag Team Champions and Winners: Randy Orton & Riddle
Rating: 6.5

After the match, Orton celebrated and puzzled with Migos. Street Profits join them after showing respect to RK-Bro.

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Crazy Happy Corbin massive attack on Drew McIntyre!

Singles Match: Miz vs. Edge

The fringe begins with a head-and-shoulder lock and taper off. Edge looks charged up but it’s clear that Miz is trying to save himself. End with slams, but count to only two. Miz recovers and starts kicking the chest. A long contest begins outside the ring and ends with the two trying to use the commentary table to their advantage. The comment table is practically savored by The Miz and is repeatedly hit on the table by Edge. Tried Ultimate Skull Crushing but nothing comes of Miz, Edge turns her into a Bulldog. He’s back in the ring and The Miz is still looking for his move but Edge is fast even if he’s unlucky as he still falls prey to a 4 leg lock! Edge struggles with it at first but turns around and then the lever is on Miz’s leg. Miz tries STF. Failed to show Edge starting with multiple intersecting faces. Miz gets the ropes thanks to Maris, who stretches the rope toward her leg. The Miz wakes up and says he injured his knee after dribbling a spear from Edge. While the referee helps Miz, Edge is shot in the face. The ultimate skull crush! 1 … 2 … no! Near To Fouz Miz. There is some noise in the audience because BETH PHOENIX is on stage. Beth Phoenix is ​​here!! It follows Beth Maryse who is on the run. The Miz feels lonely and helpless and SPEEEAR arrives! 1 … 2 … 3!

Winner: Edge
Rating: 7

Raw Female World title up to wins: Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

What a beginning of life! Lev attacks Lev immediately. First in the ring, then outside, where he makes a taste of the table, as Edge did with The Miz a short while ago. Becky is patient and tries to strike back in the ring even though Liv does everything she can to stay in the match. Becky wallpaper on Leaf Falls in the Ring from the apron. Becky’s situation is even more difficult than it seemed because Liv doesn’t give up. Becky with suplex. Number 1, Lynch tells the referee he has to move with the counts. The hero whistle who seems to be all on Lev’s side. Liv responds to DDT, and the coloring on the Irish side comes a kick. I own a lev. Comes with a big pen from Leaf on Becky. Try a becky bar. Leaf with roll up. Liv stands up for it with the audience. Lip climbs up the ropes but is held back by Becky. Lynch searches for a Superplex, but Liv slips away. Think for a moment and SUNSET POWERBOMB has arrived! Becky is disarmed but Liv runs into the ropes. There is a lynch on the arm until the referee separates them. Becky flies from Liv and tries to pay the bill. It does not work! I’ve tried to get Becky legdrop on Morgan but Liv is going ahead. From the third rope again with a drop shot with Becky flying from the ring. Liv dives my body grabs Becky and takes her to the ring but Becky gets away. Liv joins her but Becky takes advantage of this and lets her taste the table as well. Leaf throws Becky into the steps and steps on the arm of the hero that remains between the stake and the steps. Becky’s arm surrenders but nothing. man handle becky lynch slam on the fly! 1 … 2 … 3!!

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Winner and Champion: Becky Lynch
Rating: 7

Titolo WWE at Palio: Big E vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar

5 huge names. It starts right away! But Lesnar is more prepared than everyone else. Suplex in Owens, suplex in Rollins, again in Owens, again in Rollins, again in Owens. He tried F5 on Rollins but Owens saves the situation but takes another suplex. 6 Suplexes Lesnar. In the ring, Big E sends Lesnar out. Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley knocks on Big E and sees Lesnar near the barricades. Spears by Bobby Lashley on Brock Lesnar Breaking Barriers. Lashley was in the ring against Owens, but was sent with the power of Owens and Rollins, who both hit Lesnar and Lashley!! Steps Owens and Rollins used against Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Rollins and Owens’ collaboration continues. Comment table has been prepared. Owens and Rollins try to load Lashley on their shoulders but Lashley sends them away. Big E arrives and with SLAA destroys the commentary table. A double-blind DDT collision by Owens and Rollins on Lesnar in the steps. He returns to the ring with Big E who sends Rollins away but falls out of the POWERBOMB BY KO pop. 1 … 2 … no! Rollins is looking to stomp on the Big E! it did not arrive. There is a lesnar! F5 on Big E! F5 on Rollins! Spire of Lashleyee! 1 … 2 … no! Lashley Kamel Nelson Brock Lesnar. Big E releases Brock and connects with Big Ending on Lashley. But Lesnar calls F5 on Big E! 1 … 2 … 3 !!! We have a new world champion! Brock Lesnar is the new WWE Champion!

Winner and New WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
Rating: 8

That’s it for PPV. New year, same Lesnar! Thanks for being with me again today. I rate the PPV with 7. We always bounce here. Ciaoooooooo!