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Incontro Sarmato Topo Nero

Renovation of the former Topo Nero cinema: a multifunctional public space on the way

In Sarmato, the participatory track on Topo Nero has ended. The citizens’ proposals will be the basis of the urban renewal project implemented by the municipality.
After the demolition of the former cinema, the area will be redeveloped and transformed into a multi-purpose public space for an experience Sustainability in all its forms.
The renovation project has been selected by the district to receive a contribution of 62,000 euros, which will finance works worth 50,000 euros and educational projects for the remaining 12,000.

The closing meeting of the Participation Road took place on Saturday, July 23promoted by the Sarmatu Municipality with the support of Regional Law 15/2018, by which citizens and Sarmatian associations are invited to imagine the future of the former Topo Nero Cinema District.
In the council room the mayor Claudia Ferrari It presented the document summarizing the proposals and ideas that emerged in six months of meetings, discussions and activities carried out with technical support from Paris, which will form the basis for the urban renewal project planned by the municipal administration.

Il Topo Nero is a degraded area located in the center of SarmatoClose to primary school and educational center. Last year, the municipality began the expropriation procedure, which was recently approved by the city council, which should soon end with the acquisition of the area and the demolition of the building. The mayor specified, “We would like to get to work before school starts. Given the time period, we are not sure we will succeed, but now that the more complex technical steps are completed, we will do our best to return this space to the community as soon as possible.”

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Encounter Sarmato Black Mouse

What will become of the black mouse – The document shared and approved last Saturday contains the guidelines that Sarmato municipal administration has pledged to follow in the phase that is now being opened, during which the redevelopment work of the area will actually be carried out. This document is a compendium of the wishes of the whole community, defines the priorities for the intervention, defines the characteristics that the place should have, and defines the list of activities that citizens and associations would like to see carried out in the area of ​​the former. Topo Nero Cinema.
as explained Julia Burton From Pares, who coordinated the entire course, “The common ideas abound, but in short we can say that Sarmatesi expect the Black Mouse to become a sustainable and multifunctional public space, which can host different types of cultural and recreational activities, is playful and cheerful, allowing different generations to meet and connect socializing and spending time together.
“We did a great job – that was the mayor’s comment Claudia Ferrari. I would like to thank all those who put themselves in the game with generosity and passion in this participatory path. Among other things, I am very pleased to announce that our renovation project has been selected by the district and we will receive a grant as a reward for the quality of the intervention. It will amount to 50,000 euros to finance part of the work and 12,000 euros to activate educational pathways.”