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Remember Julia Molino, who made it to the Amici Finals? Here’s how it’s changed over the years, beyond recognition!


What happened to the last final from friends Julia Molino? He will be remembered by the most loyal in the program. Here’s what he’s doing today and how he’s become.

For the past twenty years, they have followed each other on school desks in Maria de Filippi’s friends Dozens and dozens of boys. The programme, which relies on talent and constant testing led by competitors to win a victory or a place on the Olympus record, is increasingly being dropped into a more intimate dimension, which shows the boys’ personalities to the audience from home.

Presenter Maria de Filippi often finds herself in the middle of the night with students to reassure them if they are going through a period of stress and despair. He managed to get them to open up and talk about their feelings. Thanks to this new format, viewers can more deeply understand the stylistic choices and behaviors of the participants, and thus become passionate about their stories and their past. One face in particular was much appreciated during the 19th edition of the talent show. This is the singer Julia Molyneux: this is how she became today and what she does.

How is Julia Molino today?

Giulia Molino is very talented and smiling Friends 19 And he got third place. Her music and intricate history have made her one of the faces of the show that has never been forgotten. In fact, the Neapolitan young woman opened up about the tragedy of anorexia, from which she, however, emerged victorious and stronger than before. Class ’99, its look today has changed dramatically since Canale 5 fans delighted with feedback “All is well”. The series of curls that just rested on her shoulders have given way to soft, flowing hair, much longer leaving the forehead exposed.

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In this way, her features, beauty and chosen make-up appear first, she is bright and intense in relation to the eyes. Not only that, the girl by getting rid of her nose piercing or at least hiding it in the photo, she looks more mature, more womanly than the cliched look we met at school. Her followers are excited about the new look and can’t help but flood the last photo with likes and approval comments. Could there be new projects on the way and perhaps a record for Julia Molino?

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