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“Regression and burnout.” Bertinoti topples the Democratic Party

The decline of the Democratic Party can inevitably lead to its disappearance, as has already happened to the French Socialist Party: it does not mince words Fausto BertinottiHost The wind that blowsto describe the current situation of Diem’s ​​team.

“the Democratic Party It’s reorganizing, it’s preparing for primaries, there are discussions about online voting…”Myrta caresses Merlin.“The case interests me as an Italian citizen, but I find it devoid of any political interest. Absolutely devoid”objects without much words the former secretary of the re-establishment of communism. “I don’t understand how the Democratic Party can only repent of itself decreases, if he continues like this, he is ruthless. Now even the polls say so bluntly. Let’s look at them just for the sake of reflection.”As Bertinotti points out, “If the Democratic Party reaches 15% of this percentage, it may disappear tomorrow. The French Socialist Party has disappeared. The same fate could befall the Democratic Party.”

The main problem, according to Bertinotti, is that there is no turning point in sight on the horizon. “I don’t see any element of estrangement. Something that is not called conference is being done. To be able to recover one has to indicate the starting point, the lever, the goal.”, is considered the former deputy. The conferences of the past had very different objectives than those announced today. They must be ancient, however conferences, when it was real, it was done like this: a strategic document, or more documents, was presented, which one chose. People were invited to participate with modifications and discussion. Today there is no document, conference, or people.”Bertinoti considered.

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Myrta Merlino asks her guest to review his opinion of Pope Ratzinger’s resignation. Resignations that are defined as“rebels”because it is liberated from“force suggestion”. Then Bertinotti also said “I would like the left to interpret this gesture” “Merlin adds, “Does the Democratic Party need an act of subversion like this?”

“Yes, if even in the Millennial Church it is possible to have such a revolutionary detachment as the act of the pope resigning, affecting his frailty in the face of power. I am not saying that it should be imitated, but not even an idea? Not even the idea of ​​understanding that at a certain point, does he take the break So reborn? decreases and burnout. this is the question”concludes the former deputy.