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Refined sugars |  Bad Habit of Manufacturing Companies

Refined sugars | Bad Habit of Manufacturing Companies

The presence of refined sugars is a negative constant in many industrial products. And the position of some homes does not help.

Presence of refined sugars It is very common in the industrial products that we buy daily in the supermarket or even in the grocery store close to home. But these are products that can lead to very negative health consequences.

Sugar-painted silhouette cutlery (Pixabay)

Consuming food containing refined sugars inside It leads to disturbances in the organism Such as obesity, diabetes, excessive exposure to cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer. One thing that has been confirmed by more and more studies over the past few decades.

Champion in the fight against refined sugars – including sweeteners – This is Dr. Franco Perinoa world-renowned physician and epidemiologist, expert in many areas of health, from fighting cancer to nutrition.

Refined sugars, where are they found and why are they harmful to health

We must be very careful what we buy while shopping. It should never be excessive to buy products that have these definitely unhealthy additives among their ingredients, which according to WHO indicators should not exceed 25 grams per day For daily doses As for the children.

sugar cubes
sugar cubes (pixabay)

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But also daily doses for adults They shouldn’t be different. The problem is that many companies don’t seem to make much effort to mark their presence in their various products.

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On the other hand, if anything, there is almost competition to return the property, often in capital letters Low sugar. As a result, if food is eaten daily or even several times a week, all the consequences will be on our bodies. One thing that matters to both adults and children.

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