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'Reelected for avalanche...' Trump revelations that made Biden shudder

‘Reelected for avalanche…’ Trump revelations that made Biden shudder

Steve BannonPiazzapulita, the former “chief strategist in the White House” during the administration of former President of the United States of America, said Piazzapulita that he is fully convinced of his re-election to the merchant.

trump She will be re-elected with an overwhelming majority in 2024“He said frankly. And not only that, in fact, he also believed that the midterm elections to be held in November would be a great success for the Republicans. The term of the American president and the conference in particular concern, that is two chambers: the House and the Senate.”We will defeat the Democrats and in 2024 Donald Trump will nominate, win hands and become President in 2025Bannon is sure of what he says. In the meantime , Joe Bidenthe current president of the United States of America, according to reports from hill, Would like to resubmit the request and Barack Obama will announce that, too. Joe was not Sleepy, as he calls the billionaire, determined to run for a second term never. I have expressed this possibility publicly on other occasions, but so far, it seemed that in order to strengthen his leadership, which has often been questioned in the last period. Certainly it can not be considered officially nominated yet, but during a lunch addressed in recent days Obama He seems to have made his intentions clear. “He wants to run and obviously he’s telling everyoneOne of the sources told the American newspaper.

If that happened, he would have turned 82 at the time of the election. This is precisely one of the major question marks regarding how accurate his re-nomination will be. And indeed, he repeated in an interview with “Respect Fate“And if this is not the case”healthy as now“Will not work.

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The latest opinion polls conducted by Quinnipiac, polling station of the stars and stripes, however, Biden appear increasingly difficult. popularity rate is low time. In fact, only 33% of Americans promote his work versus 54% who refuse completely. Similar results also from CNCB: 38% approve of Biden’s work as president against 53% who criticize him.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the average of recent polls sees the president’s approval rating lower at 42%.

This does not prevent the current president, who is still convinced that the only Democrat capable of defeating Trump. During the press conference held in Brussels at the end of March, he said it would be “very lucky” if his opponent in 2024 is the same in 2020.