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Recovery, Italy project sent to EU

Recovery, Italy project sent to EU

The National Recovery and Recession Plan has been sent to the EU Commission. It is learned from government sources. There was the Italian recovery plan It was approved by the Council of Ministers yesterday. The European Commission today received national recovery and recession plans from Spain, Denmark, Latvia and Luxembourg. Other states, according to what they learned in Brussels, can present their national plans overnight. The Commission, if it receives them, will be contacted in the morning.

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Although April 30 has always been a ‘soft’ deadline (‘as a rule’, the regulation says) and the Commission has repeatedly stressed that it is better to take a few more days to improve quality. A plan rather than a hasty delivery of an incomplete plan.

Both Valdis Dombrovsky and Pavlo Gentiloni hinted that a few days delay in Italy would not be a drama, and a change of government earlier this year inevitably led to a suspension of the project.

National programs are needed to access the resources of the next generation Yu’s heart recovery and regression facility.

The European Commission will have two months to examine them, from the date they are issued, and then another month. The goal is to receive up to 13% of total funding before August. For this to happen, it is necessary for all member states to approve the decision on their own resources, except for the late submission of the NRP, which provides the necessary guarantees so that the Commission can issue bonds to fund the project.

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