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Record 2022 World Sky Running Championships with 35 participating countries

Record 2022 World Sky Running Championships with 35 participating countries

which will be organized from From 9 to 11 September in Ossolain Piedmont on the border with Switzerland, in a stunning amphitheater surrounded by snow-capped peaks 4000 metersit will be a standard version of Skyrunning World Championship. event organized byOssola Sky Running World Champs 22sees public expectations already greatly exceeded thanks 35 participating countries: Record. Nine of these will participate for the first time: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and South Africa.

The number of athletes belonging to the official teams is 256, distributed roughly evenly across the three disciplines:

  • September 9 – Vertical – Rampejada vertically: 3.8 km long with an increase of 1,063 m
  • September 10 – Skyultra – Bettelmatt SkyUltra: 57.8 km with a difference in elevation of 3,508 m (change of course compared to the original for safety reasons)
  • September 11 – Sky – La Veia SkyRace: 31 km with an altitude of 2,600 m

35 countries participating in official teams:
Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Cyprus, South Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Nepal, Norway, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Hungary.

Big names in the sky world It will be at the beginning of this seventh edition of the tournament, open only in official teams Who will fight in three disciplines for world titles and 27 medals to win. Among the distinguished Norwegian participants Stian Ingermund, is not new to collecting medals. At the 2016 World Cup, he took three gold medals for the VERTICAL, SKY and Combined titles and still aspires to the top. “I am delighted to face my third World Championship in Skyrunning, and as usual, I will be racing in both VERTICAL and SKY”commented. “I am looking forward to meeting athletes from different countries and I hope the competition will be at a high level”. From Sweden also twins Lina and Sana the cat They will compete for the joint title and medals. Already this year, at the inaugural SkySnow 2022 World Championships in Spain, Lena took the gold and Sana took the bronze. Lena said after running in the snow in February: “I am delighted to be back in the World Championships after a wonderful summer in the mountains”. Her sister Sana echoed her: “With good summer training in so many races, I’m more than ready to do my best in the world championship.”

Stian Engermond (© @jsaragossa)

Then space for the Japanese Roy Ueda, another gold collector with a history of medals ranging from the 2016 World Junior Championships to the 2020 Skyrunning World Championships (held in 2021). Once again, he will aim for the triple gold of VERTICAL, SKY, and Combined. These are his sayings: “I am delighted to be participating in this year’s Sky Running World Championship and I am looking forward to racing with athletes from all over the world! I want to do my best for a medal”. Just to mention too Barbora Makurovathe 23-year-old from the Czech Republic, who is preparing to rise to an even more iconic stage after winning two silver and three gold medals at the 2021 and 2022 Skyrunning World Youth Championships: “It’s the first big event for me where I can compete with the best. Even though I’m not quite fit now due to an injury that limited my training, I’m ready to give my all. The World Youth Championship was one of the best events I’ve been in, which is why I don’t. I can’t wait for these tournaments to arrive: new people, new mountains and a new environment in general.”

Barbora Makurova (© iancorless)

Two great champions of the stair climbing system will also be present on the Vertical World Circuit in the VERTICAL OUTDOOR COMPETITION: JAPAN Yuri Yoshizumiwhich has excelled in both indoor and outdoor versions, and Mark Burne From Australia, which will pass from beloved skyscrapers for the first time to a very steep slope … in the mountains. In SKYULTRA, there will also be the gold medal in the 2021 European Skyrunning Championships, Spanish Sandra Civilliano (In the featured image of Tweet embed): “I want to do my best in this world championship, just as I did in the last European championships.”

Marino GiacomettiInternational Running Federation President Sky Running and inventor of the sport said: “I am happy to welcome so many countries to Italy, this is the third time the world championships are being held here. I would like to thank all our members, athletes and local organizers for their immense passion without which we cannot reach the sky.”

Marino Giacometti, President of the International Running Federation (©

WADA doping tests will be performed.

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