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ReAdi the Italian flag shines in space thanks to Campania.  Video

ReAdi the Italian flag shines in space thanks to Campania. Video

During the docking stages of the International Space Station, Elon Musk’s Dragon / Space X capsule, on which the experiment travels READI FP, light up the mood with italian tricolor.

In honor of Italy, through the entire Campania project dealing with the identification of possible solutions to combat osteoporosis and representing the country in the CRS-23 mission that took off Sunday morning from the space base in Cape Canaveral.

International recognition identifies Italy among the first 5 European superpowers, with about 200 active companies, 10 technology regions and 60 test centers concentrated in the regions Lazio, Piedmont, Lombardy, Campania and Puglia.

#LaCampaniaTornaaFly# In microgravity twenty years later, through a chain of productive value linked one by one (Ali, Marcentre, Federico II University) to the highest levels of international testing.

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Campania’s aerospace sector currently includes 21 centers of excellence, with 12,000 employees (22% nationally) and an export value of 1,147 billion annually, produced by 159 companies.

It is this Campania that amazes, shortening the distance between folklore and reality, between “theoretical” and “concrete” thought, the analogy between us and a new space.
It sounds amazing, but at the base of this space mission is the land, the “country,” the ancient arms of Campania’s viticulture.

I “nutraceutical” Used in the chemical synthesis of ReADI (natural substances that affect the protection of bone cells) is extracted from pomaceA͟g͟l͟i͟a͟n͟i͟c͟o͟ The famous Campanian Doc wine that accompanies our traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

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