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Read the shock against the center-right candidate

Read the shock against the center-right candidate

When Enrico Letta He returned to Italy to lead the Democrats, and often spoke critically of the central right rather than putting forward ideas for its political restructuring. He last commented on the candidates for the administration a few hours ago. “I found the center right to suggest two Judges: It is a pity that these judges have made decisions where they apply and have access to all the important data of the land they are applying for. There is a hole in Italian law regarding this“, Said Secretary of the Democratic Party Laria Che Thera as a guest.

Apparently, Enrico Letta referred to the mayoral candidate in Rome with his words, Simonetta Madonna, And candidate for mayor of Naples Cadello Maresca. Both have a strong curriculum that does not in any way justify Enrico Letta’s attack and impulses, he has a very short memory. In fact, Georgia Maloney did not waste time responding to the Secretary of State: “Does Letta consider it a contradiction for a judge to run for mayor when he is in office? Didn’t you realize it when it was recommended by Michael Emiliano, Luigi de Magistris and Antonio Ingroya? It is two measures of the classic two weights and the Italian left“.

Enrico Letta’s fury was annoying Georgia Maloney, Complained about the usual double standards of the left. “Can’t judges be candidates only on the center-right? If it is allowed, it is allowed. If this is not allowed, it will not be allowed. If we want to open a debate, we open it, but no, it is said that when leftists have a life of using judges and candidates they cannot be candidates on the center right“. Therefore, the leader of the Italian brethren concludes with a great example of red hypocrisy:”Emiliano Barry ran as mayor while serving in the princely state and Barry, where he was mayor and president of the region. Didn’t Lotta notice? I think he was there too“.

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Coming soon Matteo Salvini Responding to the words of the Democratic Secretary: “Is it okay if a magistrate is a candidate on the left, is it bad if he does it with the center? When a person chooses a path, I think he is following it. I am against rotating doors. The fact that the Democrats filled municipalities, regions and parliaments is different, when there are two people of different choice, open heaven … By signing the ballot, the Italians will think to answer. Enrico Letta lives badly if he gets mad at me and the league“.