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"Ravina in solidarity with the Ukrainian people"

“Ravina in solidarity with the Ukrainian people”

The first commercial convoy arrived in Italy from Ukraine after the diplomatic release in recent days in the port of Ravenna. On Friday, the cargo ship “Rogen” arrived in the port of Ravenna with 15,000 tons of corn seed on board. The Maltese-flagged ship left the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk near Odessa on August 5. It then stopped in Istanbul, Turkey, where it was subject to the controls required by the United Nations Convention.

The ship’s arrival, initially expected at around 4pm, was postponed due to bad weather that affected the Ravenna coast on Friday. Employees of the Monopoly Customs and Excise Agency (ADM), together with officials of the specialized departments and its own chemical laboratory to conduct protocol checks, welcomed the shipment at the port of Ravenna. “The Director General, Admiral Marcello Menina, said that the Customs and Monopoly Tax Agency has been following the situation in Donbass with special attention for months to ensure the legality and safety of goods arriving in Italy. Specialized anti-fraud and chemical departments will do this. All necessary checks will be carried out to ensure the safety of use of the cargo.”

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy, Yaroslav Melnik, who met at the Merlato Palace in the early afternoon, was also present with a delegation from the Embassy of Ukraine in the Italian Republic and the Consulate General of Ukraine in Milan. Mayor of Ravenna, Michel de Pascal. “It was an honor – the comments of the Mayor of Ravenna on social networks – that together we have restored relations between Ravenna and Ukraine, from cultural ties such as the friendship trip at the Ravenna Festival to the recent dramatic events, which witnessed the great generosity of the people of Ravenna and Ravenna towards Ukrainian refugees. Our city, bearing Considering also the Nazi occupation of our country, I sincerely stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people for the aggression they are being subjected to by the Russian Federation.”

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“Solidarity which we wanted to give a tangible indication through two schedules recently approved in the City Council: one on strengthening and strengthening relations of solidarity with the port cities of Ukraine, and the other on granting honorary citizenship to the Ukrainian master Valentin Sylvesterov, in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the universal language of music, A symbolic tribute to the affirmation of the values ​​of peace and brotherhood also in the name of culture and music – concludes de Pascal – our society is committed to supporting the Ukrainian people, we are on their side and will remain so.”