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Rama wins despite the “big brother” scandal


Count the Parliamentary elections in Albania Held on Sunday April 25, the official results were currently rewarding the outgoing prime minister Eddie Rama, In office since 2013 without interruption.

A very different scenario for director It was released immediately after the polls closed, which gave the Socialist Eddy Rama 46%, the center-right Lusim Pasha’s party 44%, and the Social Democrats (LSI) to 5%.

After 4,500 seats out of 5,200, the Albanian Socialist PartyA will be in the lead at 48.7%, the PD separator is still at 39.4% while LSI is 6.9%. Barring the dramatic twists, Eddie Rama is now one step away from his third term despite him The “big brother” scandal.

A few days before the elections in Albania, the site It may actually reveal how that The Socialist Party had illegally registered 910,000 citizens Out of 2.8 million people, they collect personal data and information about their families’ political preferences as well. A story, however, did not appear to have affected the voting results.

Albania Election Results: Rama Towards Victory

The The electoral system Relatively valid in Albania, 140 parliamentarians are elected on the basis of the results obtained in the 12 electoral districts into which the country is divided: the most populous, which is Tirana, allocates 36 seats.

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according to Official results of the parliamentary elections in Albania Bifurcated thus far, Rama was heading towards a victory that could guarantee him an absolute majority without the need to form alliances.

In fact, the Socialist Party will be in the lead in 9 of the 12 colleges, and for the time being it will get the 73 seats out of a total of 140. It is a result that will be slightly lower than the results of 2017, when Rama won 74 seats with 48.34%.

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