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Raina riots in US dressing room and unmasks coach: Devastated by his words

Raina riots in US dressing room and unmasks coach: Devastated by his words

Gio Raina reveals the back story of the USA locker room during the World Cup. She took to social media to reveal the coach’s words that destroyed her completely.

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The United States of America They built something important during this World Cup in Qatar. Access to the round of 16 has left people disappointed by the stars and stripes, and it’s nice to finally see American soccer on a completely unexpected scale. However, the Netherlands has dashed all the dreams of the national team Coach Berhalter However, it ended in a storm in the last few hours. Everyone was surprised by his latest work in the group Geo RainaUnderneath is real jewelry Borussia Dortmund. Behind the decision not to let him continue, given only two appearances in total 52′ minutes There was a position taken by the coach when he was on the bench against Wales in the 7th minute against England and 45 against the Netherlands and against Iran.

Berhalder saw a lack of respect from Reina in a pre-World Cup friendly, accusing him of a lack of commitment. Added by the same trainer at the Howe Institute Moral Leadership Summit: “We had a player in Qatar who did not live up to expectations on and off the pitch – He declared – He is one of the 26 players. As a staff, we sat together for hours deciding what we were going to do with this player. We were ready for our plane tickets to go home. The player later apologized and since then there has been no problem with this player.. After some time, without pronouncing his name, Raina came out and revealed that he was the player in question.

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“It doesn’t matter who he is – Berhalter was later added to ESPN – What was important was that the team had very clear standards and were willing to communicate if behaviors were not being respected. But by that time the omelette was done and then Raina decided to let off steam on social media with a post on her Instagram account. “I was hoping not to comment on World Cup matters – explained the player – I am a firm believer that what happens in a team should be personal. Having said that, statements have been made that reflect my professionalism and character, so I feel the need to make a brief statement.

At that moment Raina comes out and explains everything in detail: “Just before the World Cup, coach Berhalter told me that my role in the tournament would be very limited – the attacker said – I was destroyed. HolyI am a proud and passionate player. Football is my life, I believe in my abilities. I looked forward to and desperately wanted to contribute a talented team to the game.”

Raina is disappointed after America's exit from the World Cup.

Raina is disappointed after America’s exit from the World Cup.

But Raina remained the same What happened and was burned strongly by the words of his coach: “For a few days after learning my limited role I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and influence my behavior. – explained – I apologized to my teammates and coaches for that and was told I was forgiven. After that, I brushed off my disappointment and gave everything I had on and off the pitch.

However, the Borussia Dortmund striker cannot explain why this topic is still being talked about: “I am disappointed that this version is still being talked about Anyone on the men’s team staff is very surprised America can do that. Coach Berhalter always said that any problems that arose in the team would be ‘at home’.. But in reality this was not the case and Raina made a real case in the States.

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