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Rain, hail and a drop in temperatures over the next few days, a fresh turn from mid-week

Rain, hail and a drop in temperatures over the next few days, a fresh turn from mid-week

Forecast for the new week

The new week will begin under the sign of strong instability with many thunderstorms, showers and localized hail. However, the weather picture is undergoing a new and decisive change.

The reported phase of strong atmospheric instability traces its origins to a broad low pressure system centered between the British Isles and Scandinavia. 2 disturbed impulses Towards the Mediterranean, it first attacked northern Italy and then the rest of the peninsula.

Monday 1st July They will see the income First unstable front It is poised to cause rain and thundershowers especially in northern regions. Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia in the evening will be at risk of extreme events. The high concentration of heat and moisture accumulated in the lower layers of the atmosphere, combined with strong contrasts between different air masses, create ideal conditions for the development of impressive storm cells. These systems can trigger Heavy rain, gusty winds and localized hail.

Uncertainty will continue between evening Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 July, with a second gust bringing the risk of strong storms immediately to the northwest and then moving into a good portion of the Mid-South by Wednesday. This front will be accompanied by cold air from northern Europe, resulting in temperature drops even below the seasonal average.

Then, starting Thursday 4th JulyThe weather pattern will undergo a radical change: this time an anticyclone from the Azores will temporarily replace the more oppressive African anticyclone that has dominated in recent days and push boldly towards Mare Nostrum.

This high pressure system, typical of past Italian summers, extends from the Atlantic Ocean towards central-western Europe and embraces the Italian peninsula. As a result there will be a clear improvement in weather conditions, with mostly sunny days and pleasantly warm temperatures and without the extremes of recent days.

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This change would, in fact, mean a return to the summer climate pattern more common to Italy. The Azores are resistant, with its high pressure center located in the Atlantic Ocean near the islands of the same name, was once the dominant figure of the Mediterranean summer. Its influence guarantees periods of atmospheric stability, often with moderate heat, Significantly less repression, Makes for the best and most appreciated summer weather.