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Rain and wind are already there, but the next few hours will be bad. Evolution until Friday »

Direct weather: Rain and wind are already there, but there will be bad weather in the next few hours. Evolution until Friday

Expected time for the next few hoursThe expected worst situation we have reported to you is now underway. The clouds are gradually rising and it is already raining in some corners of our country Worse Inside The truth has not yet come.
In The next hour In fact, many regions have to deal with the return Rain And a strong Wind.
Responsible for this Getting worse I am a Hurricane vortex Travel from the Balearic Islands to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Connected Sea Trouble It is already affecting the weather in the northwest, with widespread clouds and the first rains affecting Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Sardinia and part of the center.

Before this first chaos with rain and thunder, at least come with us all day. Friday 22.
The Worse However, this is to be expected in the second half Thursday 21 Rainfall is light in the Alps, especially in the north and especially in the Po Valley. Rain and some Storm They enter most of Sardinia and the central peninsula, starting from the Tyrrhenian region, with events in the south initially low and arriving in the evening. We expect a strong reinforcement Chirocco In most fields the wind blows up At 70 km / h On storm-prone beaches around Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Adriatic and the two larger islands. The Maximum focus Especially in the Tyrrhenian fields Sicily and Calabria The most severe storms there can reach and cross At 100/110 km With severe hazards to scaffolding, trees and unsafe materials.

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This phase of bad weather will be with us for most of Friday 22nd Under clouds, rain and some thunderstorms we can once again see the north and a part of the center above.
This rain will have a very positive impact and will be a boon for those who like sun and heat or are planning some trips or excursions. long time.
Only at the end of the day Weather film However, it is beginning to show signs of improvement starting in the northwestern regions. It was only a small rest.

Atmospheric stability experienced in recent days is indeed a memory and the long bridge of April 25 is destined to pass under the banner of a period of great uncertainty, even if not for everyone.
We look forward to it: major disruptions will occur again in the north and part of the center.
But we will give more details about this in our next articles Updates.Expected showers between noon and evening on Thursday 21 April 2022Expected showers between noon and evening on Thursday 21 April 2022