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Rain and thundershowers in one part of the peninsula.  Status and Predictions «3B Meteo

Rain and thundershowers in one part of the peninsula. Status and Predictions «3B Meteo

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Templars, especially in the south-south, are also strong in Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia and Basilicotta. – Further intensification of instability in the afternoon with the development of many Storm cells Inland and in the south and in the center of the Apennines, especially in Lazio and Abruzzo. Numerous accumulations in the Chieti area 40 mm edges, Up to 40 mm in Potentino, up to 40 mm in Acregento, Sicily, and 30 mm in Focia. Some of the precipitation that formed in the Lazio Apennines was able to cross currents from the northeast to the coast. Folds Rome and the Roman coast But with modest accumulations. Further isolated events affected March and Emilia Romagna. Instead a moderate reversal has affected the triceps.

Some rain in the north, very widespread reversal in the central-south – The instability surrounding the low pressure area in the Tyrrhenian region is consistently favorable for rainfall and precipitation in various regions. In the lower Piedmont, between Lombardy, Emilia and Trivandrum it rained in the north, albeit in weak form, accumulating up to 8 mm peak in the Burmese Apennines from midnight to 3-5 mm. On the other hand, highly organized rainfall mainly affects the interior of Sardinia and the central Apennines, especially between Lazio and Abruzzo, with events flowing down the Adriatic coast. Accumulate here from 10 to 15 mm from midnight. 20-25 mm from midnight in the south, especially in the Molise, Fociano, Campania Abyss, Middle East Sicily and Ionian Calabria.

Excessive rainfall over much of Italy – The Mediterranean vortex continues its evolution into the lower Tyrrhenian, yet feeding on scattered rain and thunderstorms in various parts of the peninsula. Very favorable balance on the bluviometric scale for the northern regions Although not everywhere. In the last 24 hours Emilia fell 60 mm in Romagna, 40 mm in Lower Piedmont, 40 mm between Umbria and Marche, and 30 mm in Trivandrum and Lombardy. Highlights of precipitation in Sardinia and Sicily It rained more than 70 mm in the Sassari area and up to 80 mm in the Palermo area. All the rains that fall in the north will be very effective in minimizing the damage Prolonged drought Winter will inevitably lead to agriculture, but we know that the infiltration of rain into the soil layers is less due to evaporation due to hot weather in May and groundwater rarely reaches. At least though It serves cultivated fields. It is also worth noting that the hurricane blew with the hurricane, causing various damage to the felled trees. Extreme winds in Sardinia Peaks at speeds of up to 100 km / h On the south coast. Will be It will still rain in a few hours And Throughout Sunday This is good news, however, as they do not dampen the whole of Italy, and numerous events are concentrated mainly in the south. The vortex is constantly evolving Until Monday. Then we will face a period of greater stability, which will increase even significantly. In the meantime let’s see The next few hours forecast:

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Weather SaturdayNorth, Often with cloudy or very cloudy skies with only short and short intervals. Light rain and showers are still expected, with more in the afternoon and more in the vicinity of the six mid-eastern alpine and pre-alpine sectors in Friuli, but locally more abundant in the Lower Piedmont, isolated events elsewhere. Center, Signifies instability in Sardinia with intermittent rain and sleet, including storms. Unstable even between ridge and Adriatic areas with heavy rain and thunderstorms during the middle hours. Occasional events in Tuscany and some rain or thundershowers in the afternoon off the coast of Lazio and over Rome with irregular clouds over the Tyrrhenian region. South, Sicily, Calabria, Basilicotta, Campania Ridge, North Buglia and Molise. Less active clouds over Campania with local rainfall, daily species in the interior, spreading to the coast inland. Temperatures Below south and below average, stable in central north. Wind The hurricane tended to cycle. Mari is very rough in the southern plains and the canals are also rough.

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