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Rain and sleet followed by snow and ice, a bizarre week for the US 3B Meteo

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Severe bad weather in the United States
Severe bad weather in the United States

Extreme levels of snowfall were forecast for three days in the northwestern United States. The flow of icy winds from Canada to southern latitudes and low pressure entry from the west will generally bring back winter conditions in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Dakota, Utah and Colorado.

The highlight of the bad weather will occur between Monday evening 11pm and Wednesday afternoon April 13th. There SnowThanks to the very low temperatures and the severity of the events, it will whiten all the countries listed above, with significant accumulations for the month of April.

The temperature will drop significantly; In some areas, about 20-25 C can be lost within 24 hours. To give some examples, Tuesday afternoon in Denver is + 15 ° C to -5 ° C on Wednesday morning and + 16 ° C to -6 C in Salt Lake City. Within 12 hours between today (Monday) and tomorrow morning (Tuesday) C.

The protagonists will not be alone in the cold and snow. The period is very favorable for the formation of heavy thunder showers. Chances are the depression will move eastward and deepen. The call of hot and humid currents coming from the Gulf of Mexico will be more and more full body and will cause collisions against the advancing ice mass from the northwest. The formation of heavy thunderstorms and the possible development of rotating events Between Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th, especially between Mississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and southern Illinois.

More special attention Occasional gusts of wind from the southwest Winds will be heavier over New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and northwestern Texas At 100 km / h On Tuesday 12th.

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