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RAI Series Review with Aidan Turner and Matilda De Angelis

RAI Series Review with Aidan Turner and Matilda De Angelis

When art, intrigue, history, and imagination are intertwined in a serial story, the many ingredients used can be a gamble, but at the same time they are a winning option. However, the response this time was surprising. In fact, the chain of events ended on April 13th LeonardoIt airs as an absolute TV show on Rai1 every Tuesday evening. The public’s approval is indisputable, as well as the curiosity and interest unleashed on the timeless greatness it dubbed Leonardo Da Vinci She bears, inseparably, connected to herself. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of these eight emissions in our review, while remembering that you can also retrieve our video about the differences between the series and Leonardo’s real life.

Florence, Hollywood

Let’s start from an assumption: when you make short series centered around a character from history, it is very easy to fall into the trap of holiness and, on the other hand, the complete historical unreliability of the inspiration. Leonardo’s eight rings succeed in the acrobatic act of positioning themselves exactly halfway Zverelli e Lynch, Winks yes to the classics to the most faithful of the stories, but starting with Hollywood’s most sublime assumptions, associated with narrative devices and entirely fictional characters, but wisely grafted into the TV plot networks.

The heroes of this potent mix are actors who have been recruited into the lead roles, among the most promising Italian and foreign cathodic panoramas (let’s think not only of Leonardo Aidan Turner, But also for the skill of the tricolor Matilda de Angelis Surprisingly Freddy Highmore). The faces, expressions, and gestures that appear on paper are akin to a medical drama set in the United States. Yet this unusual combination worked remarkably well, without letting the end result lead to an American parody of our Renaissance (it is impossible not to think, in this regard, in comparison with Da Vinci’s Demons, From a completely opposite perspective.)

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Renaissance of sorts

Milan, 1506. Narration begins fromFrom the interest of Neuer’s tale. It is an interesting but unexpected interpretation, as it wisely blends the classic mood of Zverelli theater with the excitement. “Who Killed Laura Palmer? “ (Here you become Catherine Cremona). The investigations that will solve each knot (with a surprising ending, which we do not reveal to anyone who has not watched the final episode) is the path that the story rolls, although the script does not always go to the impeccable rhythms of the opening episode.

The Multifaceted versatility It glorifies Leonardo with moderate generosity, giving the proper space for the birth story of every action. Especially exciting is the genesisLast Supper Which, in addition to being an iconic idol for the entire franchise, ends up becoming a crossroads of stories and emotions. Technically, this has to be mentioned Excellent soundtrack and powerful scenographic settings. The latter, in particular, is convinced above all with the Milanese setting of the story, when the Palazzo Farnese’s rooms, used “in disguise” to recreate the Sforza castle, were disturbed to frame the story.

Past, present and future

The balance of this first series of Leonardo It can only be totally positive. Lux Fide Hit the target again, distinguished by its production the current, Giving Rai1 full reviews. All this automatically led to the weaponization of the brand of a second series, which was officially announced by the top management of the Italian production company. However, there are risks that must be managed.

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The story, as far as Contaminations from yellow and fanciful elements Not affecting the final quality of the product, it risks becoming the true weak link, if it is not supported by high-profile actors and scenarios. However, it is safe to bet that a prolonged pregnancy of new rings will maintain a high level of quality, as often happens for such products. Because, after all, Leonardo’s history can still offer countless new and exciting ideas and puzzles.