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"Rage".  Letta was forced to name a flag against traitors in the Democratic Party

“Rage”. Letta was forced to name a flag against traitors in the Democratic Party

Enrico Letta He was outraged by the 17 Bronx shooters who voted for the opposition La Russa President of the Senate. But among them may be Democratic senators, precisely those who brought Letta to Parliament two weeks ago.

He made lists with full powers, so that he died and was wounded, especially in the middle Pink quote. Letta thought it was enough to kill ex-Renciers like Morani, Lotti and Stefano to stay safe and rule the parliamentary committees. Instead they are autonomous, and have no mandate control.

So on the first ballot, Leta was immediate Ignored from his own. Or from 5 stars where Zingaretti already said he wanted to limit the alliance to Lazio for crying out loud “Let’s forget politics“.

Who the shooters are will never be known, that’s all Marathon He told Italia Viva “It’s no use denying, so don’t believe anything we say, just for us like everyone else. Conte also left: “Look who cast the first stone, and you will understand who did it … “.

Letta lashes out against former allies of the center-left: “Today’s vote in the Senate sadly attests that a section of the opposition is waiting for a majority“. But soon the question arises: “Did anyone from the Democratic Party support the election of Ignacio La Russa?”. “I completely exclude it – Letta answers – What happened today was so extreme that it proved that the majority was split even before the exit, and the majority was greatly helped by the totally irresponsible behavior in the Senate. An irresponsible choice”.

But Leta can’t put her hands on the fire because it’s not her fault that she betrayed her. And actually tomorrow Room On the fourth ballot, the Democrats decided to vote Flag name. Precisely to avoid games: a way to get votes so that no one can accuse them of treason.

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Further Andrea Orlando Return to failed drive: “After the referendum, someone shrugged when I proposed an action agreement between the opposition parties so as not to split in the first moves of the right. Today the Senate understands why.

But the PD and 5s have already aligned themselves to take all the seats belonging to the opposition, barring the third pole. Nothing is good for it now The calendar You deny that 9 third-party senators voted for La Russa. But it is not excluded after all Renzi Beyond the third pole, some may have influenced the senators’ votes.