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Radical young Israeli woman stabbed at Termini station – Chronicle

Radical young Israeli woman stabbed at Termini station – Chronicle

Stabbed multiple times on New Year’s Day in Rome’s Termini station, possibly in an attempted robbery: A 24-year-old Israeli woman is now stable but in the emergency surgery unit at the Umberto I Polyclinic. Polfer investigates the case. The facts would have occurred when the young woman was in front of a ticket machine at a Roman station, perhaps on her way back to Fiumicino. Then, a man attacked with a knife and fled.

The young woman was rescued by 118 and transferred to hospital. The 24-year-old arrived at Poly Clinic with multiple stab wounds. One of the shots ruptured his liver and he underwent interventional radiology last night. The victim suffered a lung injury, but less serious. She was admitted for emergency surgery. His conditions are stable, but the prognosis remains confidential.

Now Polfer is working to reconstruct the exact mechanics of what happened. Meanwhile, a video is circulating on social networks showing what happened, posted by a user and the location (‘termini’) taken by the video camera, with the date and time of 31 December 2022. Then read 21.45. We see a thin man, dressed in dark clothes, wearing a hat with a mask on his face; He has a blue envelope in his hand. The assaulted man is seen from behind, wearing a red backpack, seemingly intent on looking at something on the wall in front of him.

The man appears to approach her from behind and wrap his arm around her neck, perhaps throwing a first blow on this occasion. The victim is thrown to the ground and then appears to try to react by getting up and trying to hit the man. However, with his right hand, he struck a second blow. At that moment, the girl walks away holding her hands tightly to her abdomen, while the man runs in the opposite direction, stuffing what he has in his right hand into a blue bag. In the investigation, Polfer is evaluating whether the attack was caught on surveillance cameras at the station.

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