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Quirinal, black smoke in the fourth ballot. Center-right apex, Cassetti hypothesis. Center Left: ‘No Unilateral Proposals’ – Politics

After the summit met in the chamber last night, center-right circles indicate In the Senate President Elizabeth Castellotti Name to be referred today to the fifth ballot to elect the President of the Republic. “This is a very valuable name,” says the head of Liguria Totti. ‘I had an order to examine all the profiles, and now I am going to call. I think there will be decisive action tomorrow, ‘said Lega chairman Salvini. That night, the leaders of the center-left Letta, Conte and Speranza met, and a meeting of representatives of the PD, M5 and Liu was called at 8.30 am tomorrow to decide whether to confirm Casselli’s name. Center-right, according to Dem sources.

“Good to say again”. Democrat Undersecretary Pepe Provencano writes in a tweet that Enrico Letta’s rejected Elizabeth Casselli’s candidacy: “Propose together the candidacy for the state’s second term. In short, it reflects the most direct way to make everything explode.

In the evening, name Franco FrattiniThe center-right has progressed by causing Pd and IV erections, which are already marching against him as the name of the former foreign minister spreads in recent days.
A smoky screen, there is also rationality in some areas of the center-right that have not welcomed this resumption. When Salvini is on the field with several meetings – even Conte reveals that he is very active – it is no coincidence that Berlusconi announces a phone call with Tracy, and then Tazani goes to meet him in the afternoon. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Or when someone whispers, revive the Frattini paper.

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“We are at the beginning again, a name that has already been created and we have already expressed a great deal of our concerns,” the Democrats dismissed, along with group leaders Malpeci and Seracciani. “Indecent show Those who exchanged presidential elections with X-factor inquiries prove only one thing: Citizens should directly elect the president. They mock the highest moment of parliamentary democracy “, the leader of the IV thunder.” Using State Council President Franco Frattini, such an authoritative institutional position is a clear indication that the government does not want to find a split in the majority. A solution for quirine. We cannot split the alliance with the center-left, and the government will fall. “So Laura Castelli, M5S al Mef’s deputy minister, is close to Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. Frattini? “But there are no more provocations. Democrats are a radical party, especially after many days of twists and turns and ambiguity, “” the name of the next president should be. The effect of the partitioning process It is not a project where one party has the right to make proposals and the other to say yes or no. Any proposals that come out of such a plan would be unacceptable to us. “Nazarene’s sources therefore respond to the hypothesis that Matteo Salvini is proposing Franco Frattini’s candidacy for the presidency, the same sources explain. Enrico Letta “deeply irritated”.

New black smoke in the church In the fourth ballot of Parliament at the joint meeting to elect the President of the Republic. Two-thirds of the members of the college did not meet the constitutional requirements. The team leaders will evaluate tomorrow at 10.15am Hypothesis of two votes Per day.

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In the fourth ballot, no votes were cast They were 441 and white cards were down to 261. The current head of state Sergio Materella, on the other hand, rose to 166 from 125 votes yesterday.. Nino de Matteo is the Alternativa candidate and received 56 votes to replace legal expert Maddalena from the former M5s. Luigi Mankoni received 8 votes, Minister Cordobia 6 votes, Prime Minister Mario Troki 5, Amado 4, Cassini 3 and Belloni 2 votes. In 5 vacancies, 20 votes were cast. In total, 981 people, 540 voters. Currently the quorum has been reduced to 505.

He fully believes the need to bring the incumbent prime minister to Cole to guarantee precisely this majority, according to rumors that the 166 votes cast in Matterella could be potentially Tragian votes, especially 5 seconds closer to de Mayo. , Where no one is self-sufficient, must be alive. “Without winners or losers” as Enrico Letta still wished in the morning. Georgia Meloni, a technician who wanted to be pronounced, but preferred a center-right name (Britney no doubt), today refers to Cassie and Belloni. Jargetti, meanwhile, says he is “optimistic” about the much-anticipated events of the evening: the center-right summit and the meeting between Salvini and the center-left.

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