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REDDITO di Emergenza, al VIA le DOMANDE

Questions on START, all requirements to be requested and WHO link to »

Emergency Income 2021: Applications for start-up applications, all requirements for its application and WHO are

In the event of an emergency, questions beginThe Emergency income (Reem) It was For another three months, As confirmed by the Sostegni Decree approved by the Draghi government. Remember that REM is one Economic support measure put in place by the Conte government With the decree of restarting for the benefit of families facing difficulties due to the COVID emergency.

Recognized, also reported by the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Ai Families with social and economic requirements It is stipulated by law: that is, with regard to citizenship income, then beneficiary From the performance is not the individual applicant, however The whole family unit To which you belong.
What are the requirements for obtaining it? You must have Regular residence in Italy The time of submitting the request. The standard does not provide for a minimum length of stay and this requirement is verified with reference only to the component that requests Rem. The Family income, Which were determined according to the cash principle, by February 2021, must be less than the corresponding minimum maturity amount.

Emergency income It depends Also Amnesty International self employed He enrolled in the INPS Private Department, and with self-employed professionals The VAT number registered in the separate account, Holders of continuous and coordinated cooperative relations, registered in the separate administration, seasonal tourism and thermal institutions, also administered, entertainment, agricultural, Seasonal employees Belong to sectors other than Those for tourism And thermal institutions, intermittent, independent, without a VAT number, are not registered in other forms of compulsory social security,nloaded to home salesDomestic workers, sailors, sports workers. At the time of application, you must have a file ISEE is less than 15 thousand euros. The requirements regarding ISEE value are verified, at the initial stage, by INPS in the most recent DSU, effective on the date of application. In the case of nuclei with a minor, the short ISEE is specified instead of the normal core.

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Who does not fit? Unimaginable before Who Receives COVID Benefits With pension benefits, direct or indirect, with the exception of a regular disability allowance and civil disability benefits, in the case of income from work, whose gross gross salary is higher than the maximum family income, specified in relation to the formation of the nucleus, with the income and citizenship pension received at the time Submission of the application.

Recall that rapid eye movement May be requested from INPS from April 7 to 30, 2021 The application can be submitted exclusively online through: INPS website Through authentication with a PIN (remember that INPS no longer issues new personal identification numbers as of October 1, 2020), SPID, National Service Card, Electronic Identity Card, and Care Institutes