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Queen Elizabeth's 'Sheet': No Jubilee Mass

Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Sheet’: No Jubilee Mass

In the next few days jubilee celebrations Queen Elizabeth II, the first and only English king to celebrate 70 years of rule. Today, the Queen has received the homage of her people, a sincere and warm tribute that to many is the Queen’s final salute by English subjects, before Elizabeth II’s return to Windsor Castle, diluting her public exits. Tens of thousands of people were waiting to greet him under the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where the Queen appeared with her heirs and their families. Elizabeth II was supposed to attend Thanksgiving service tomorrow, but they were told from the palace that the Queen would not be there.

The religious ceremony will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral in London but Elizabeth II will lose after being impeached”A little bit of uncomfortable“On the first day of the platinum jubilee celebrations. The Queen, who turned 96 last April, may not have been able to handle the emotional stress of the day of celebration. Buckingham Palace announced that”The Queen enjoyed today’s walk, but she felt a little anxiousWhich forced the king to renounce the religious ceremony. decision made withbig reluctance‘, of Buckingham Palace, who nonetheless demonstrated an obligation to preserve the King’s health.

It is noticeable that in the last few hours the Queen has faced a long flight from Scotland to England to attend the Buckingham Palace party. Moreover, the Queen’s return flight to London was marred by a storm of lightning and hail that delayed the plane’s landing, and may have put more stress on Elizabeth II, even though the pilot made the flight in absolute safety. “The Queen looks forward to attending tonight’s beacon lighting event at Windsor Castle and would like to thank everyone who made the occasion today. Do not forgetBuckingham Palace note concludes.

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Queen Elizabeth’s address to the nation aroused great emotion and emotion. Despite her advanced age, in fact, Her Majesty announced that she is looking to the future with optimism. “I am still inspired by your kindness towards me and I hope that these days will give us the opportunity to reflect on all that we have achieved over the past 70 years as we look forward to future With confidence and enthusiasmQueen Elizabeth said: “The Queen has received another standing ovation from her people, proving once again that she is the most loving of her subjects.