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Queen Elizabeth "More rest" / How are you?  Canceled Commitments: What You Can Do

Queen Elizabeth “More rest” / How are you? Canceled Commitments: What You Can Do

health conditions Queen Elizabeth. Although reassuring words about his situation come from the royal house, the UK suspects the whole truth has not been told. In the meantime, concern about the king, who has been widowed in the past months, is growing more and more Prince Philip. Official sources let it be known that the sovereign will be “in perfect condition”, also confirmed Boris Johnson. However, as it reveals daily freeMedical sources will say much more.

It is no coincidence that the medical staff decided to extend the rest period by imposing others 15 days of total hiatus Which was added to its predecessors come to almost a month break. It has proven so long since the month is coming to an end that it has been filled with commitments by Queen Elizabeth that she necessarily had to cancel. It seems that the same fate will relate to the upcoming events that predicted his presence.

Queen Elizabeth ‘imposed more comfort’: How is she really?

at recent days Queen Elizabeth He had to cancel his visit to Northern Ireland due to his one-night hospitalization. The advanced age of the King – 95 years – makes everything perfectly normal, but what is suspicious is above all the Windsor approach which is somehow “too opaque”. The telecoms workers themselves had shown a certain reticence to the point of drawing criticism from the UK. The suspicion is that not all the truth about the king’s situation has come out yet.

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A statement from Buckingham Palace read: “Doctors have advised Her Majesty not to attend any official event during this period.” She was given absolute rest. However, he continues, “Alternatively, he can continue with the virtual hearings as long as they are light commitments.”. The note reads again that the Queen “He regrets not being able to attend the Memory Festival on Saturday 13th November, but his firm intention remains to participate in the official Sunday festivities”. However, Her Majesty’s actual condition remains a mystery.

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