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Q&A between lawyer Trantino and Pipitone del Fatto: “Your request regarding Nordio is Parmavia’s mentality”. “She would have sued for much less.”

Q & A the pointtransition Luca Celebrity broadcast on the local station Telecolor (Here is the full episode) between the attorney Henry Tarantino and journalist at, Joseph Pepiton. The topic is that objections in particular A petition launched by Fatou Quotidiano demanding the “expulsion” of the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio.

According to the lawyer, what was carried out by “some major newspapers” that “request Nordeau’s resignation” is “a pioneer speculation“It could have been avoided, as a matter of expediency, that some statements were made at the time when Messina Denaro was arrested but they do nothing but say a sacred truth, this is a fact that, in my opinion, cannot be denied,” the lawyer continues in the episode Pipitone then asked Tarantino, “Does a lawyer want to be our responsible manager?” Emphasizing that it is about freedom of expression of thought. “Free expression of thought is a value, and the problem is when this free expression of thought exploits reality. I always wonder here is a miracle? What is good? To sell more copies of newspapers. But it is an expression of the Paramafia mentalityI never liked to manipulate the truth, ”the lawyer attacks again. The reporter replied Fatto. it He didn’t wait: “We noticed that Attorney Tarantino told us, about Fatu, that we are Paramafios and manipulate the truth. She would have sued for much less.”

According to Tarantino, “Anyone who has a tool of power, any newspaper that has it, should be more careful about manipulating the news to prevent distortion.” The discussion is closed by Pipitone, who explains: “I think it’s really unfair to put it out on the mirror if one looks bad. If Nordio decided, in the week Matteo Messina Denaro was arrested, to go and say what he said, it’s not our fault. This Are the things that speak for themselves.The problem is Nordio who doesn’t know what to say and may not be able to be a minister.They took Messina Denaro and the role of wiretapping was key in taking him, the communications consultant should have advised at least leave some time passes before speaking.”

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