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Putin esercito generale ucraina

Putin’s security, feces and urine collected by Russian intelligence. here because of

health Russian President Vladimir Putin An important state secret: so much so that among the escorts accompanying the Russian president abroad, there will be a person responsible for “collecting” the remains of his body in a bag and taking them to He flies So that it does not leave any traces that can give indications of His health condition.

Indiscretion from France

Science Fiction? Not according to “Paris Match” which, in an article taken from several Ukrainian websites including Ukrainiska Pravda, revealed details that no one has yet talked about. According to the newspaper, in the “physical findings” of the President of the Russian Federation “there is hidden important information … for the future of the world,” to the point that his employees “hide” any traces.

FSB in Saudi Arabia

According to Paris Match, the first time he heard about this ‘practice’ was in October 2019, after Putin’s visit to Kingdom Saudi Arabia. According to what was known from indirect sources, the exact mission was carried out under the control of FsbThe Russian Federal Security Service responsible for the security of Russian enterprises.

According to reports, one of the agents was supposed to “put Putin’s droppings in a special bag so that there is no trace left, and take it to Russia in a special bag.”


According to reports from the French League, this procedure also occurred during his tenure Visit to France on May 29, 2017the day that Emmanuel Macron He had received his Russian counterpart at Versailles.

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