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Putin "will die in two years, he is seriously ill."  The indiscretion of the Ukrainian spy Budanov

Putin “will die in two years, he is seriously ill.” The indiscretion of the Ukrainian spy Budanov

Two years of life. This will be the time left to live put it in According to the brigade Ukrainian Kirillo O. Budanov. Ukrainian officials believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from “serious” illnesses. In an interview published by USA Today on Saturday, Budanov said that Putin “does not have a long life.” The publication indicated that Budanov did not provide any evidence for his claims.

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Questions about Putin’s health

Despite the Kremlin’s insistence that Putin is in good health, questions remain about his condition. Earlier this month, Newsweek reported that a classified US report alleges that the Russian president apparently underwent treatment for advanced cancer in April. In May, Budanov said Putin was “extremely ill” with cancer and other diseases. He told Sky News that the Russian president is in “a very bad psychological and physical condition and is very ill”.

American prisoners

During the interview with USA Today, Budanov also spoke about Andy Tay Ngoc Huynh and Alexander Drewic, two former US service members who volunteered to fight in Ukraine and who were reportedly captured by Russian forces. Budanov said the two soldiers were currently in Donbass prison, but did not provide details of their condition. “We are working on it,” Budanov said of US soldiers in the interview. “The way to solve this is not easy… but let’s see a way to solve it. It will be somewhat related to the prisoner exchange. We have people who the Russians really want, and they need to come back… but it won’t happen in a week or two. And it will take a few months” .

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