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"Putin has another three to six months...".  The tip of a former British spy

“Putin has another three to six months…”. The tip of a former British spy

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be “few daysA few months before he was replaced as head of the Russian Federation, this was claimed by a former British intelligence agent. Christopher SteeleA former British spy known as the author of a dossier on the relationship between former US President Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Broadcast interview world in one From BBC Radio 4And the He stated that he would not remain in power for more thanThree to six months“.

What can happen

According to Steele, once Western sanctions come into full effect, especially in the energy field, Kaiser’s days will be numbered. At this point there can be an effect.”pliers“: On the one hand, there is his health that will not allow him to last for long. On the other hand, there can be a coup and he can also be replaced due to the non-fantastic results obtained away from his army in what was supposed to be a simple “special operation” I made him retreat and settle on Donbass, which by the way had not yet been conquered. ”I don’t see Putin in power for more than three to six months from now – announced – cThese are signs of your health deteriorating. And if what we have been told by the CIA, other agencies, and our own sources is true, it appears that they may become incapable of judgment.”.

“move against him”

As mentioned ProphetSo, the ex-spy referred to the very powerful people inside the Kremlin, and emphasized that “The leader is unable to judge medically, there will be one moving Against him, I’m sureAs seen in from the insideThere are many rumors about his possible successors even if he is the most reliable Dmitriy KovalevThe mysterious man Putin spoke to during the Victory Day parade on May 9. Insiders had stated that they would meet during a hockey match, a favorite sport of both, and thanks to this a certain friendship would be born that would make them share the show as well as exchange more than a little gossip in complete confidence in the midst of the other Kremlin columns.

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The ex-agent of MI6 (British intelligence service) removed all doubts about whether the next leader could be a liberal, but a real Putin. “I don’t think it will mean good relations with the West, but at least we can have one negotiation Where they can claim that they didn’t lose face because of the blame they might put on the previous leaderr.” Steele was chief of intelligence from 2006 to 2009, and now he runs his own agency.