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"Purple and the sea," the first criticism.  Also for Kane Yaman

“Purple and the sea,” the first criticism. Also for Kane Yaman

After months of waiting, the moment finally came: The first episode of the novel has been broadcast Lilac like the seaAnd the Who sees Yaman and Francesca Chelme were two heroes. The first TV series on Canale 5 scored well in terms of ratings, but the same cannot be said about the opinion of spectators, who were not completely convinced of the debut.

Purple as the sea: Is Yaman unmasked?

All summer we’ve seen the series’ promotional spots, we’ve read the news and left ourselves intrigued by the gossip who wants to flirt between Kan Yaman and Francesca Chelmi. on the series Lilac like the sea Expectations were very high and expectations increased over the monthsgiven that the novel was supposed to air last spring (and then postponed to the fall period).

The emergence of the new novel with the former Miss Italy and the Turkish actor did not disappoint the network, Bringing great plays home: The events of Viola and Francesco Demir impressed 3,400,000 viewers, scoring 20.40%. Among other things, Mediaset’s imagination had to contend with like that which appearsthe much-loved variety of Rai 1 that slightly overtook him, with 3,380,000 spectators and a share of 21.10%.

Many fans of Kan Yaman They can’t wait to enjoy their favorite on the small screen, for the first time in a role that was played entirely in Italian. However, those expectations were disappointing, very bad: it is clear that the level of representation of the Turkish actor was not at all appreciated by the audience, who refused to explain it.

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Can Yemen play a worse role than the actors in soap operas? He only does TV Because he is the handsome man of the moment‘, one user wrote after seeing the star in this new TV product on Channel 5. A slap in the face on merit, there will be no less than 150 better Italian actors! ’,” another commentator echoed on social media.

Lilac Like the Sea: Has It Really Failed?

Not to impress the audience, in addition to – according to users – the poor acting skills of the actor, there will also be a similarity (and perhaps a slightly ruthless comparison) with another fantasy, which was broadcast a few months ago on Rai and was born from the same production agency, Luxe Vidi. We are talking about Blancathe 2021 revelation series that kept viewers glued to the screen (and which looks like it could continue with a the second season).

The feeling is to actually be in front of something that has already been seen: Blanca’s events in reality – a blind girl whose handicap makes her a strength in solving cases – is very reminiscent of the events of Viola and synaesthesiawhich is the spontaneous and uncontrolled superposition of many senses, which in the case of the protagonist allows her to associate certain colors with people’s feelings and help her in the search for the killer.

But it may still be too early to fail Totally Fiction Mediaset: Debut for some won’t be exciting, but judging by the ratings we definitely can’t classify it as a failure. We’ll have to wait for the next episodes – and the next Auditel statements – to find out our fate Lilac like the sea.