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Pulled out but the ATM doesn't give money: the beginning of a bureaucratic saga

Pulled out but the ATM doesn’t give money: the beginning of a bureaucratic saga

No money, despite the success of the operation. From an ATM, the story slipped into the labyrinth of bureaucracy. without going out.

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Bad adventure matured in front of the ATM. This time, however, there is no cloning device or unwanted card blocking. What happened to a 78-year-old man from Dolianova, in the province of Southern Sardinia, is Really weird story But that can cause unpleasant repercussions. The man involved, he told himself, was in the past a born translator. But what happened to him at the ATM at Corso Repubblica is a story that seems more complicated than a global geostrategic operation. This is a paradox, of course.

One morning, like many others, when he went to an ATM to withdraw money, the 78-year-old put in 500 euros, regularly following the process. However, when the money is paid, Not a penny came out of the air vent. At that point, the man entered the post office to speak with the manager. An epic start he probably never expected. As a first step, an objection form to the opponent for Bancoposta’s services was assembled before his eyes. Destination, the National Post Office, based in Rome.

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Withdraw money … No: no cash from the ATM and now …

However, it looks like this unit shouldn’t make such a long tour. Indeed, according to the countermaster, the document should not be sent to Rome, and for this reason, a stalemate began, which continues to this day. An attempt to withdraw was made last May 28, and from that moment on it was not even a shadow of money. Yet for a man it represents a large part of his pensionFrom 1300 euros in total. From the moment the blockage occurs in the ATM, the account holder is trying in every way to recover those funds, “withheld unnecessarily”.

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However, it seems to be a long time. A series of bounces from office to office caused a sensational inconvenience to the man, who announced that he wanted to withdraw 500 euros to help his son with treatment. Not to mention the rent to be paid (450€ per month) and many other needs, between utilities and ordinary expenses. The 78-year-old has announced that he will file a complaint with the Carabinieri, in order to expedite the resolution of the case. The allure is sexy: “I can’t even pay for car insurance. Like a prisoner at home.” The side effects and detriment of bureaucracy.