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Puigdemont frees former president of Catalonia, but must return to Sardinia on October 4

Puigdemont frees former president of Catalonia, but must return to Sardinia on October 4

Puigdemont was arrested by border police on a European order in Sassari on Thursday. On October 30, 2017, the Catalan leader was deported to Belgium in Brussels to avoid arrest for alleged insurgency. Against him, Madrid authorities issued a European arrest warrant for his refusal to return to Spain.

A month later the Supreme Court reversed the move. In this way Puigdemont could travel to raise awareness of his cause in the international community, but he was unable to return to Spain due to a national arrest warrant.

Handover hearing set for October 4 – Accepting the Attorney General’s request, Sasari’s Court of Appeal acquitted Carlos Puigdemont. The former president of Catalonia can move freely and no precautionary measures have been imposed on him. However, Puigdemont is due to appear in court again on October 4, the date of the first hearing to decide the extradition request.

You can leave Sardinia – Former President of Catalonia Carlos Puigdemont can leave Sardinia immediately and not have to stay until October 4. This was announced by lawyer Agostinangelo Marras outside the Bengali (Sasari) prison, who explained that there was no MEP
Use any precautionary measures so it can spread without limits. Earlier, however, word spread that he was on duty on the island.

Puigdemont returns for free and attacks: “Spain itself is ridiculous” – Carlos Puigdemont attacked Madrid on October 4 after his arrest and release while pending a extradition trial in Sardinia. He was followed by Sardinian President Christian Solinas, Catalan officials and his lawyer.

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If he does not appear in court (to Italy) the case will be closed – If Carls Puigdemont Sachari does not appear for trial in the Court of Appeal on October 4, the case will be closed to Italy with the verdict that he has no place to proceed if it is confirmed that he is not in our country. In fact, in the absence of this procedure in the courtroom, Judge Puigdemont should instruct the police to verify that he is in Italy. If the research fails, the mandatory route is to close the case.