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Puglia intends to send Italy into space, all in 2022

Puglia aims at space and does it, achieving excellent results step by step. For years, the region has encouraged small and large companies to increasingly participate in the aviation sector. Just think of Grottaglie’s spaceport, which could become Europe’s gateway to reaching the stars. 2022, in light of the nascent space infrastructures, could be a turning point for Puglia’s ambitions in this sector.

Spaceflight, Branson’s Initiative –

the Puglia region He sees space as a strategic sector with enormous potential. Domestic added value also comes from a The employment rate in the sector is much higher than the Italian average. This is what emerged from Arte’s latest report, and although the epidemic has attacked the aviation sector, a Significant growth in the next few years.

What technologies are growing

The largest slice of The space economy relies on satellite data Useful for monitoring, tracking and monitoring of Earth’s changes. To manage such data The region is already dependent on Bari’s Planetek franchise. But this is just one of the many police features of the sector.

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Secondly Head Arti, Vito Albino: “An important game is being played and the space has shown itself More flexible than the aviation sector. Once the satellite data is acquired, there is a wide scope for application in IT and digital, which is a goal for local businesses.” But there is also Examples of on-board technologies and satellite construction in the region.

One of the most The largest Italian companies for small satellites and pay It’s really Bouliani: it’s Sitael from Angel group From the Bertosa family. Furthermore, the spazioporto of Grottaglie, At Arlotta Airport, that’s another thing A great resource for future tourism trips Void. Its development is based on the studies that are being done today, especially those by Virgin Galactic that focuses its resources on the flight and return of vehicles horizontally.

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The future of Grottaglie Spaceport

Giuseppe Aserno, Head of the Bolian Aerospace Technology District, explains the following:In 2022, the site infrastructure will continue at the initiative of the European and Italian Space Agency So Grottaglie equips himself with the technological capability to support the mission. A working group made up of ESA, ASI, ENAC and Aeroporti di Puglia is currently working on the airspace, based on a significant financial commitment from Italy.

places they can Welcome landing French Guinea, Azores and Grottagle, A tangible possibility that we also discussed during MAM, Mediterranean Aerospace Matching, this year that will be at the heart of the Global Aerospace Economic Workshop that we will be organizing with ESA and ASI in Puglia.”

Jeff Bezos' blue origin

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the Grotagley’s future Undoubtedly around High-tech companies around the world who test the gods unmanned systems and conducting tests for the application of drones in high-risk enterprises, such as extinguishing forest fires or mapping. Apulia has His journey into space has just begun.