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PS5 Pro ready? There is a rumor indicating this after the exchange between Europe and the United States of a mysterious prototype


There is turmoil on the web, as news of the possible arrival of a prototype linked to the new PS5 Pro has excited video game fans.

The idea that the prototype of the new PlayStation 5 Pro is already at an advanced stage excites people on the web and console enthusiasts. Can the new venture make up for the lack of inventory associated with the lack of raw materials? – MeteoWeek.com

To make gossip a reliable tool, it is important that, until it reaches an appropriate level of consideration, there is a voice that has a certain relevance and authority to carry the workload as a voice board. So, the online newspaper TweakTown dedicated itself to the latest chat circulating on the web.. Since 1999, this has been the father of a series of containers that bring technology into focus.

So this digital channel would have been to spread rumors that Sony There will be new developments regarding one of the products most loved by the gaming audience. We are talking about the console of the Japanese company, which serves as a counterpoint to the popular Microsoft product.

According to rumors traveling from London to Norfolk, Virginia, there will be a package with very special content. Evidence-interpreting experts have a clear idea of ​​the campaign content, i.e. Some of the PlayStation 5 Pro version prototypes can be hidden inside the mysterious package.

How was it possible to trace the contents of the shipment and what clues made users suspicious

Sony 1 04032022 - MeteoWeek.com
Is the sound enough to sing a symphony of hypotheses? Apparently yes. Suspicion that a PlayStation 5 Pro prototype had been shipped from London to a smaller Sony hub in the US sparked a chorus of users who wanted to build a collection of fantasy projections galore – MeteoWeek.com

To understand the cause of general euphoria, it is necessary to take into account some data. The first bell of alarm comes from the specification which states the type of contents of the package. In fact, we find a clear message on the label. In fact, the charge is classified as Video game console (prototype). Unlike those that are often indexed as development groupis reserved for sending the hardware and software that developers use to create new content, instead of Entertainment System Material.

It will not be just a matter of formulation. The package weighs 694 kg and the specified HS code is #981700. A model system instantly identifies products related to the video game channel.

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Details attached to the receiver are also a great element. Sony Interactive Entertainment and not Sony Interactive Entertainment America will be the purchaser of this product.

Last but not least, she deals with it. It’s rare for a prototype to travel from the UK to US territoryand, in a very few cases, material that appears to be relevant has been sent to a Sony terminal facility. A point of support does not seem to be of any great strategic importance. However, to get confirmation on the developments, we just have to wait for the development of this interesting issue.


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