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"Protect M5s from Fake News!"

“Protect M5s from Fake News!”

«Suffice it to read economic numbers to understand what Italy could have done without the US rather than China: With this statement the director is in today’s editorial of “Photo Codidiano” Marco Travaclio Try writing “against the wave” later in the day Diplomatic embarrassment Italy lived yesterday while G7 was in Cornwall. Facts, first: In any hour Prime Minister Mario Draghi on both sides with Joe Biden After the US pushed to further “isolate” Beijing by strengthening the EU-Washington axis, China’s controversial issue was put on the plate, with Rome founder and guarantor M5s Pepe Girillo must have met the Chinese ambassador with Giuseppe Conte.

Finally, the former prime minister marched, leaving Grillo alone with the M5s delegation and Chinese diplomats: sources close to Palazzo Chiki told reporters A wise choice“Implemented by the majority party, especially last year when it signed the agreement with Beijing New Silk Road (The only G7 country to do so). So Grillo and Conte’s criticisms rained down immediately and heavily, thus triggering the reporter’s “response” on Photo Codidiano: “Draghi pays taxes on his new role as world leader,” Travaclio attacks and teases the current government. The same Conte was interviewed for “more than half an hour” He defined it in Roy 3 “Tool“Controversy arose,”This is not my first visit (I could not accept this invitation yesterday ….), this is not the first time I have met with ambassadors, it is natural for a leader to expose his plan to other countries, and I will not be taken lightly. “

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China, Travaclio and County

The message is clear enough: M5s are attacked because of their proximity to China, For Travaclio, it is necessary to consider more economically and politically friendly with Beijing than NATO’s historically friendly country. The newspaper’s assistant editor did not miss the immediate press response Nicola Boro, Within its press review on social channels “League Soup”:In fact, Travaclio has to defend his “friends” Girillo and Conte for the summit with the Chinese ambassador (which seems to have been fought because the former prime minister did not appear at the last minute). So it is a lie to say that Italy needs China more. “. After the controversy and embarrassment at the forefront of China, Drake He explained this at the G7 final press conference today. “As for China, the behavior of governments like the G7 should be based on three principles. First you have to cooperate, then you have to compete. No one denies that China should be a great economy. The question is, the ways it uses it, it’s one Arbitrariness that does not follow the rules of diversity, Does not share the same worldview of democracies“The third and final, concludes the Prime Minister, should be frank:”I have already said this on other occasions, we should be open about things we do not share, Biden said at one point Ma silence is our accomplice

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