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'Project Sakura' images show, a PT-style demo for PS5 -

‘Project Sakura’ images show, a PT-style demo for PS5 –

Continuing rumors and leaks the silent Hillin this case with images related to what has been defined Sakura Projectwhich appears to be one PT-style demo playable exclusively for PS5entrusted to a Japanese team.

The issue is still very muddled and is currently based only on rumours, so it should be taken with extreme caution. After the purported first images of Silent Hill 2 Remake, these new images have also surfaced which indicate another Silent Hill-related project, visible in this is the address: To tell the truth, these are articles that have already appeared in the past, but are now put into a slightly more detailed context, as well as being more explicit in this case.

According to reports from various insiders including the usual Dusk Golem ResetThere will be more projects under development in the aforementioned Konami: Silent Hill 2 Remake series, a real new chapter in the series and various small projects in collaboration with independent teams for different Silent Hill related short chapters.

In all of this, it’s not clear where this Sakura project fits in, but it could be some kind of “playable demo” referring to new part by Silent Hill. This type of prototype was expected to be released in 2021 exclusively on PS5, but it has obviously been pushed back to a date to be determined. It appears that the development has been entrusted to a Japanese team, which is still unknown and it is not ruled out that information or announcements will arrive during TGS 2022, given that Konami has announced its intention to talk about the return of the much-loved series.

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It should be noted that the images that have appeared in the past few hours are not entirely new: it has already appeared for several months, and it will fuel rumors about a new Silent Hill upcoming.