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Project Q officially canceled by Ubisoft, no playtests in the coming months –

Project Q officially canceled by Ubisoft, no playtests in the coming months –

Q project It was Deleted officially from Ubisoft, with a message posted on the game’s official Discord channel. It is not currently clear if it is one of the three canceled games that the company has been talking about in recent days, also because it is known that it has not yet been announced. Is it the fourth cancellation in the last few weeks and the eighth in the last six months? Will it be one of the twelve battle royales that were in development?

Project Q launched in April 2022. Public reaction at the time was decidedly lukewarm, and the game quickly disappeared from the radar, in general. It also seems that he wasn’t particularly impressed during playtest from the past few months.

Further playtests are planned for the first half of 2023 and will no longer be held.

It is clear that the publisher cuts out all those stillborn projects, in which gamers are practically not interested in anything. In the message sent in disagreementUbisoft began by praising the community and recalling the excitement of the first run test, to then announce: “Unfortunately, we had to cancel the planned closed tests, because Project Q development will be stopped. This means that we will also have to close the Discord server.”

Then the message states that it has no other information to communicate, and confines itself to thanking everyone once again for the support and inviting the rest to share their memories, until the servers are shut down which will take place in the next few days.

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