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“Problems with the main actresses”


Two beloved Rai dramas are at risk of closing, and Maria Pia Ammirati, a renowned TV executive and writer, talks about them. Here, below, is what they are and, above all, why they could close forever.

we In the middle of summer And also programs, or rather imaginary I’m on vacation. There are currently reruns on Rai 1, but in the fall there will be many newcomers. First, the third season of Mina September With Serena Rossi. This is one of the most anticipated stories on Rai 1, as the end of the second season left most viewers in suspense.

Not only that, I’ll be there Also a fantasy about Leopardi (Here to find out all the information about this topic), but also The Count of Monte Cristo, The Shining Friend 4 H Belcanto With Giacomo Giorgio. We still have to understand, for example, whether The document is in your hands 4 it will work. According to previews by Luca Argentero himself, it initially appeared that it should not be broadcast and that the third season would be the last.

In fact, he has since released other information and it seems that he will be there and will once again portray the beloved protagonist, Doctor Andrea Fanti. Let us not forget, then, the film dedicated to his life Mike Bongiorno With very good Claudio GioiIn short, there will be already known titles, the continuation of some completely new seasons and fiction that will start from the beginning. As always, Rai is full and ready to offer many entertaining ideas to its wide audience. However, the beloved drama may be at risk of closing, and here’s what it is.

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The much-loved TV dramas on Rai are at risk of closure: the protagonists could have something to do with it

the TV director And the writer Maria Pia Amiraty It has been revealed that my two beloved Rai dramas may not have another season. Because of this, they may be closed earlier than expected. On the one hand, we are talking about Mina September Which will definitely air next fall with the third season, which was filmed in the wonderful city of Naples. But the third season may be the last. In fact, we may not see the fourth season. The same will also apply to Investigations with Lolita Lobosco With the wonderful Luisa Ranieri.

Lolita Lobosco was played by the beautiful Luisa Ranieri.

With the latter we come to third season There seems to be strong doubt about the fourth. All this because, as my princesses themselves have made clear, there will be ‘problem’ With the two leading actresses. In fact, Serena Rossi and Luisa Ranieri must agree to reveal how willing they are to work on hiring For the fantasy seasons to come. The director also revealed that on the other hand, it is very difficult for actresses like them to stay away from home for a long time, especially since they are also mothers. Being away from the city they live in for several months is not always easy. We hope they can do it again, but we are waiting for their response.

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