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Principality of Monaco updates anti-Covid regulations for both workers and locals -

Principality of Monaco updates anti-Covid regulations for both workers and locals –

In view of the very rapid development of the spread of Covid-19, Prince Albert II of Monaco has extended the obligation to provide a health card to anyone whose work is necessary for the continued activity of some companies or public bodies that provide services to the population.

It also decided to change some medical devices, including the isolation period protocol. These decisions come based on the proposals of his government, which was formed in consultation with the National Council.

From January 17, people whose work is considered essential to the business continuity of some companies or public bodies that provide essential services to the emirate will have to submit a green card. This is the case, in particular, in various departments, telecommunications, energy and water suppliers, and even the banking sector, to name a few.

The Government of Monaco aims to ensure that the resumption of the pandemic does not disrupt essential services for the proper functioning of the Principality of Monaco. While maintaining a high level of personal protection thanks to the individual assistance of the home monitoring center, isolation times are reduced as long as they are accompanied by strong compliance with regulations. Therefore, the duration of quarantine is reduced from 10 to 7 days. Under different isolation protocols

positive condition:
Insulation for 7 days in addition to armed condoms for 5 days after leaving isolation.

Low-risk fortified or unvaccinated contact cases:
– no isolation
Molecular or antigen test 2/3 days after contact
Self-exams are recommended 4 and 6 days after contact
– Enhanced protection for 12 days after contact

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High-risk contact case who has not been vaccinated or cohabited with the positive case:
Insulation 5/7 days
Molecular test or antigen test in 5 and 7 days
12-Day Enhanced Protection

Sanitation measures for restaurants will come into effect tomorrow: the number of guests at the table will be reduced from 12 to 8 people, and the distance between tables will increase from one to one and a half meters. Also starting tomorrow January 8, the number of people hosted for each event will be limited to 2,000 people, with the possibility of granting the administration an exemption in light of the specific health protocol to be presented by the head of the host institution.

The Government of Monaco reserves the right to adapt the measures to the evolution of the health situation.