Saturday, July 20, 2024

Prince Harry ‘wants Kate Middleton back in his life’


Last Kate Middleton’s public appearances – on the occasion of Trooping The Colour 2024 – It will be hers Prince Harry was very upset“One of the people familiar with this matter revealed to us: closerExplaining that the Duke of Sussex “He would have liked to support Kate personally “On what must have been a very difficult day for her.” And that’s him. First public engagement after cancer diagnosis: “Harry watched it on TV he moved. Because he understood that for Kate, despite her smiling face, despite her brave expression, it must have been really exhausting to have all the eyes of the world focused on her” at such a sensitive period: “It was painful for Harry to see the whole reunion of her family.” For Trooping the Color. He loved being there. “If only to personally support Kate on what was a very difficult day for her.”

Since learning of his sister-in-law’s illness, the source continues: “Harry has been very worried.” The prince “is in contact with Kate, but not as much as he wants”: “He wants her back in his life, and he wants her back right. He is keen to revive their friendship.” A friendship that once seemed indivisible. So much so that just seven years ago, the prince, speaking of his sister-in-law, said: “She is the elder sister.” Which I’ve never had». Then, with Harry’s farewell to the royal family, everything changed. The prince and his wife several times Meghan Markle They have launched public attacks on their esteemed relatives. And Kate Middleton was no exception. Harry also targeted her in the bombshell book additional. Among the prince’s confessions, one accession stands out Exchange SMS Between Kate and Meghan regarding the dress Little Charlotte She could have worn it on the occasion of a Sussex wedding: a discussion that would have brought the former actress To the point of tearsSo much so that the future queen would introduce herself later A note of apology. “Kate is angry and hurt.” Accusations Which relates directly to her, an insider said after the memoirs were published.

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True or not, now the princess has something else on her mind: she has to defeat cancer. This situation would also completely change Harry’s attitude towards his sister-in-law. Today, the Duke of Sussex “truly regrets his attacks on Kate.” At least that’s what he told him last April Us Weekly Royal biographer Tessa Dunlop added: “When you find out that your sister-in-law has cancer and you have written things that cannot be undone, that is a serious matter.” Painful condition To be in.” It is no coincidence that after the tumor was announced from California It reached the future queen’s wife A A message of solidarity Signed by Sussex. Not only that: it appears that Harry and Meghan, as soon as they heard the news, called Prince William privately. And now new rumors say that Harry wants Kate back in his life. Who knows if, after so much family poisoning, his wish will come true one day.


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