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"Press officer with VAT number, but he worked as an employee": Pd of Lecce and ex-minister Bellanova condemned to compensate him

“Press officer with VAT number, but he worked as an employee”: Pd of Lecce and ex-minister Bellanova condemned to compensate him

Fifty thousand euros. There is Figured as Deputy Minister Teresa Bellanova And the Democratic Party of Lecce must compensate a Mauricio Pascali For work done in three years. Just 43 thousand euros for the party, the rest for the ex-unionist. There is So far, the outcome of the 8-year-long case. Maurizio Pascali, therefore, a Bachelor He who is stationed in party rooms for study is not even an autonomous collaborator as claimed by the Democrats. On the contrary, it wasPress Officer With VAT number, worked for Democratic Party from 2010 to 2013 and continuously during that period. Deputy Secretary of Labour. An invoice from problem Monthly, 1200 euros in total, which turned out to be 600 euros net, for daily work, Saturdays and extra if needed. Press releases, invitations to press conferences, reports, Answers, Handling Media: These are the tasks. However, as for Bellanova, he A Independent collaborator But Pascali also “fraudulently extorted money.” Letter of reference Written in the title House of Representatives With his signature chalk, however, he refused during an interview La7 Even if it is inserted remember Presented to Labor Judge.

A long one followed Civil suit And criminal With defamation, fraud, and allegations against a former collaborator He tried to extort money and libel. The Court of Appeal of Less, however, overturned the conviction of the first instance and upheld it VAT noThe collaborator was in practice Democratic Party employee And for the last time Bellanova. Therefore, the principle established by Decree Law 276/2003 is adopted: The VAT numbers They cannot change employment contracts codatoriality By or contained in a Legislative Decree Single commissionAuthorized by the Fornero Law of 2012. In support of the thesis, the judges report an example: Election campaign For the 2013 policies, Bellanova used one publication Explaining all the activities he had done during the years of the previous mandate. “His commitment to safety and security workers of weaker groups – the judges cite – the transparency of their work in the management of costs, the regulation of labor relations “. On the final page of Document The name Maurizio Pascali Among teachers. Hence, existence of employment relationship and proof of work performed. Invoices added to this, “Let’s say OKI promise And with Bellanova, in comparison with the Democratic Party, began in January 2013 “. So the punishment and compensation.

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there Judgment Dated June 2022, but has only just come out because Pascali’s lawyer, Alessandro Stomio, place in the records of the criminal investigation. Because Journalists Who, at that time, told the story. Initial charge Mary Dota de, Danilo Lupo of exchange the cage Then broadcast on La7 and Francesca Pizzolante de Weather There was defamation and complicity in the attempted extortion, which was later reduced to defamation. Journalists and lawyers argued Roberto Eustachio SistoThey were accused of defamation for 8 years Deputy Secretary of LabourWith an important past union, as they told about his labor dispute against Pascali, a permanent collaborator to the judges but with a VAT number. Like those who tried to protect Law ForneroShe was the speaker.