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Prato wool as a gift for astronauts.  "So you will fly into space"

Prato wool as a gift for astronauts. “So you will fly into space”

Giorgio Celle with astronauts Pantaleone Carlucci and Lucia Paciocci

Seely, a Prato deputy from Corraggio, Italy, received the two astronauts from the Virgin Galactic mission. “I gave him bouquet, velor, and woolen wick.”

LAWN. “A piece of Prato, albeit a small one, will participate in a mission that will write the history of space missions.” This was announced today, November 9, by the representative. Giorgio Celli by Coraggio Italia. “Mission #Virtute1, the first science-based suborbital flight aboard the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip2 – explains Seely – will symbolically take our Italian-produced wool to Prato.”

Seely, Presidential Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, received this morning the two Italian astronauts in Rome Pantaleone Carlucci and Lucia Paciucci, who will participate in the upcoming Virgin Galactic space mission. “I wanted to give a sample of bouquet, a sample of velor and a sample of wool wick to Engineer Carlucci, so that he would put them in the pocket of his suit and take him into space – added Seely – the mission, organized by Cnr and Aeronautica Militare represents a paradigm shift for the state system, and suggests a step forward towards The Future Thanks to Suborbital Flight Technologies Buzzi magazine’s 1969 title “Cencincielo” has never been this time.

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