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Prague City Award, Macos Travel Space

Prague City Award, Macos Travel Space

Spazio Makos presents the second edition of the Prague City Prize

From Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 December 2022, Spazio Macos Art Fair from Messina to Prague with the second edition of the “Prague City” Prize, curated by Mamie Costa …

The prestigious Vernissage concert kicks off on Thursday 1st December 2022, at 6.00pm with live coverage on Facebook, for the 12 artists selected in Second Edition affiliate prizePrague city“, who will see their work in the video gallery at Prague Park Tower.

The exhibition will be presented by Dr. Luca Bryant and the Dr. Anna Witkovacontacts abroad from the Messina fair macos spaceIn front of a large audience, including advocates of the Czech artistic and cultural community.

Announces Mamie Costa Curator:

New award projectPrague cityPromoted macos spaceis a great opportunity to be a hero in the cultural scenario of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

in the beautiful Prague Park TowerFrom where you can enjoy the panorama of the entire city, it will host the video exhibition of the work of a select number of artists, whose commitment is evidence of the value of their creations in the world.

A remarkable appointment conceived and curated to give the artist, recognized on the project, a full disclosure of their work.

A video exhibition, which will take place in a loop during the opening hours of the tower, will be accompanied by an elegant catalog, while the works can be admired around the world via social networks.

The event is supported by the cooperation of some advocates of the Czech cultural artistic environment. “

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Tower Park Praha is the ‘out of town’ location for the City of Prague Award

… There are no limits that art cannot overcome

And the different cultures that art can’t tell…

Revealed under the art and beauty label “outside” Expeditionaffiliate Prague City Award.

Not by chance Prague Park Tower It is the site of the event, as a 360-degree observatory in the city of Prague, represents the ambitious goal of Prague City Award:

Connect with the artists who live on the planet of creative beauty and reach the widest audience via social networks.

the ten Mimenka’s children From David Cerny, Black sculptures installed in 2000 cm tall. 350 cm in height. 260, climbing distorted with their faces marked by barcodes on the three columns in reinforced concrete and steel, designed by the architect Oliki with the structural engineer Jerry Cusackwhich makes it Zhijkov Tower The iconic and tallest building in Prague, standing at 216 metres.

Indoor restaurant with a view of Prague and a bar Oblaka with the memino gardena green oasis on the border between Vinohrad and Čižkov, a luxury hotel in the clouds, a 66-meter-high bistro and open-air minigolf are among the futuristic-style stages leading up to the summit, even a TV transmitter in action from May 1991.

Spazio Macos is back with the prize “City of Prague” in a European capital which has been again since February 22nd Kunsthalle Prahapromoted by the Pudil Family Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Petr Pudil and Pavlína Pudil to support every expression of contemporary art.

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Prague has always been a multicultural crossroads in and with Europe Kunsthalle It aspires to be an artistic laboratory attentive to current issues and creative dialogue.

It is no coincidence that the German term is used, Kunsthalle, which means art gallery, To evoke a mixture of Prague’s historical and cultural roots Expedition For each art gallery in the transfer and interception of new artistic languages.

In this scenario, suspended between earth and sky, the video exhibition will take place of works by artists from all over Italy and abroad, featuring different styles and techniques.

Selected artists

Alberto Avila (ME), Maria Barisani (TO), Marelli Cammenetti (RC), Elena Giampendetti (PI), Maddalena Jovini (SI), Inbal Christine (Ashkelon Israel), Ana Maria Lopez (BA), Raffaella Martinelli (BO) , Giuseppina Montopoli (MC), Ornella Ogliari (MI), Kety Olivieri (LU), Nicoletta Vitale (UD).

All artists will receive Prague City Award And two copies of the catalog.