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Potts Mystery Disappears 700 Million Light Years From Earth


There are huge voids in the universe, regions made up of giant spaces with very low density of matter. One of these is the Bootes void.

for every Empty It means a large-scale structure of the universe consisting of a huge area with very low density Compared to what is observed in the universe (less than 1/10 of the average density). Therefore, voids are not completely devoid of matter. Galaxies tend to cluster together in groups and superclusters. Ours milky wayfor example, has about a dozen neighbors in a region of just 3 million light-years. However, the clusters are bound to be separated by voids. One of the largest is Shoes are invalid.

“Bootes Void was discovered in 1981, is 250 million light-years across, and until recently only about two dozen galaxies had been found within it. It’s a very empty void.”If the Milky Way were at the center of the Potts Void“The astronomer says,” Greg Aldring From the University of Minnesota,We didn’t know about other galaxies until the 1960s.In addition to Potts, the following are known: the Local Void, the Grand Canyon Void, the Southern Local Void, the Dove Void, the Eridanus Supervoid, the Giant Void (the Greatest), and the Northern Local Void.

Difficulty understanding

Potts space representation. The stars in the circle actually face the space.
acting Empty shoesThe stars in the circle actually face the void.
Copyright: atlassoftheuniverse

Theorists initially struggled to understand how such a large region could be empty. But after recent studies, and carefully measuring the distance of 700 galaxies between our view and Boos, scientists found 50 more galaxies lying in the void centered around it. 700 million light years from EarthFifty galaxies in such a vast region may not seem like much, but they could make a difference in understanding how the void formed. Computer simulations have shown how smaller, more common voids might form.

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First interpretations

as Galaxies They were held together by mutual gravity, and the surrounding regions were emptied (the process is self-reinforcing). However, many researchers believe that there has not been enough time since the universe began to empty a space the size of a Potts vacuum. Some have suggested that Empty shoes It is not empty at all, but it is full of matter that we cannot see and how Faint galaxies or dark matter:A completely unsatisfactory solution.

Galaxy clusters and voids within 500 million light-years
Galaxy clusters and voids About 500 million light-years away. Credit: Richard Powell

New theory on the formation of Potts vacuum

second AldringGalaxies he and his colleagues have recently observed in the void suggest an alternative explanation. They are not randomly scattered: some appear to form a tubular structure extending into the middle of the void. Aldring thinks the Bootes Void may have been like that. They are created by the fusion of two or more smaller voids.Just as small soap bubbles can merge into one big bubble, and a tube of galaxies could be what remains of the boundary between smaller voids, these galaxies are currently trapped inside a great void, but the possibility of their release in the future cannot be ruled out.

sources: NASA, Archive.orgCover image credits: Daniel Eisenstein and SDSS-III


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