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Postepay, 150€ refund on the way: details

Postepay, 150€ refund on the way: details

If you choose Postepay issued by Poste Italiane as your debit card, you may soon be among the beneficiaries of a €150 refund. Let’s see what it consists of and for whom it is intended

Postepay owners refund (image on Youtube)

Often times we find ourselves hearing about it digital payments Which should be used to avoid Tax evasion. For those who own Postepay and use it daily, a Incentive Plus: refund.

This refund can be up to 150 EUR And it will arrive directly by yourself I count. In order to participate and thus be among the beneficiaries of this amount, it is necessary to follow a procedure that also includes being in possession of the SPID credentials. Another perk is to make purchases on your own paper Subsequent payment but in physical stores, A rule that works specifically in trying to limit the use of cash as much as possible and thus avoid the possibility of wrongful behaviour.

Cashback is for Postepay holders

Refund for Postepay holders
Postepay owners refund (photo Unsplash)

subordinate cash back, foot in 2020 As a beta base, then verbose but suspended and finally reactivated, there seems to be nothing more to say. But actually from January 1 of this year until June 30 The third window is active to make your own purchases Postpaid In physical stores e Rack In your application profile me Transactions that will allow those who have made at least 10 purchases to get a refund.

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This reimbursement can be up to 150 euros if the amount spent on 10 registered transactions is equal 1500 euros. If your Postepay cashback expires, you won’t be able to total 1500€, it will remain a favour a Refund On your account is equal to 10% of what you spent.

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However, as mentioned earlier, in order to participate in the cashback process, you must have downloaded the app me Which, after entering through SPID credentials or with CIE, you must to record is yours Techniques from premium In order to get a history of purchases made. Like we said, all purchases made in physical stores are covered and purchases with Postepay cannot be claimed. What Does not fit for your personal use. Thus, purchases made on behalf of its own company are not possible. In addition, the Citizenship Income Card cannot be used.