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Poste average stock: how to get it off the phone

Not everyone realizes that the average Postepay stock can also be ordered from a smartphone. Heres how to do it

Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

With the onset of the new year, Italians will be able to order the new ISEE assembly, an essential document to get some Rewards and perks by the government.

The Equivalent Economic Situation Index (ISEE), which will be calculated by the accountant, CAF or Patronati, needs a series of documents including Average Postpaid Inventory. It is possible to order this document by going to the post office but it can also be obtained from our smartphone.

Average Postepay stock, how to get it easily from your smartphone

(Italian Post Office screen)

When we say that we can order an average Postepay card stock online from our smartphone, we must immediately emphasize that this is only valid if we have Postepay evolution, or the person with the IBAN code. If we have Standard Postepay (yellow), in fact, we can order the average stock only by going to the post office.

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Therefore, if we have Postepay Evolution, we can also order average stock Via smartphone wherever we are. This document cannot be requested through the Poste app but by connecting online with the smartphone at Poste Italiane siteWe can download this document in a few simple steps.

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Ordering online stock media for our Evolution Card is very simple: you must first open the Poste Italiane website from our smartphone and enter Our personal area And using your finger, scroll down until we find the section “Online Services” and click on it.

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After clicking on the “Online Services” section, a box will open in which we find the wording ISEE Request. At this point, we just have to click to get yours Account statement in PDF format Directly into your smartphone downloads.