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Even the prime minister with flickering, Moise's umbrella in Guardiola - Sports

Possible Government, Ministry Ministry – Politics

The government team begins to take shape, the net of requests and second thoughts of Silvio Berlusconi.Georgia Meloni He sets the list that he can present to the head of state also during the week.

Economy: iThe most common name remains Giancarlo Giorgetti after the unavailability, which would not have changed for the time being, for Fabio Panetta
ForeignerDenotes: Antonio Tajani. Deputy Prime Minister in doubt
defense: At the pole the former chief of Copasir Adolfo Urso (which someone might also see in Mise)
internal: In High Northern League, however, you can go to a technician. The name in the column is that of Matteo Bentidosi, the former head of the treasury when Matteo Salvini was in the Viminale
Justice: Candidate Carlo Nordeo remains
economic progress: We’re talking about Guido Crosetto (but Urso will also be in the race). To see if the delegation of energy will return to Libra, now to the dream.
environmental transformation: Here he mentions the name Gilberto Picetto, or always the name Crosetto PA: Pichetto could also be the Fi name of the public administration, after Alessandro Cattaneo, who was running for office, became the leader of the Fi at the Room group.
Infrastructure: Section that should go to Matteo Salvini. Also for him the position of Deputy Prime Minister is in doubt.
agricultural policies: Until now it has always been attributed to the league, with Gian Marco Centineo, but in the last hours it is also assumed that there is a technical also available
fixes: Elisabetta Casellati
Regional Affairs and Independence: Roberto Calderoli
Relationships with Parliaments: Maurizio Lupi has always been talked about but prices have gone down in the last few hours
University’: Annamaria Bernini
work: will go to a technician at Fdi Heights, chief labor advisor Marina Calderoni
Cultural Heritage: Alberto Parachini or Giordano Bruno Guerre
family and christmas: She will go to Northern League player Simona Baldassar
Youth and Sports Policies: Chiara Colosimo from Fdi
health: The derby is still between Francesco Rocca and Guido Bertolaso, but the name of Francesco Franceschi in charge of the emergency room at Gemelli Hospital also appears.
instructions: Among others, the hypothesis of Giuseppe Valdetara
tourism: We are talking about Daniela Santanche
European affairs: At the pole Rafael Vito
twelve hours: Nilo Musumesi
disable‘: As mentioned in this section, the name Simona Baldsari

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