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Possible extension of the measures also for those who cannot work in agile mode


Labor Secretary Marina Calderone announced during questions with immediate response Jan. 26 in the Senate that she would welcome an extension of protections for fragile workers who perform tasks incompatible with graceful status. Favorable opinion on proposed amendments to the Mielbrogg Ordinance Conversion Act

the Sizes Favor Fragile workers They can’t work in it Agile mode It may be soon they expanded.

during the Instant response questions From January 26, 2023 to Senatethe Minister of LabourMarina Calderone said that she would give positive opinion garlic adjustment suggested to The Transformational Law of Millebrughe Edict which extend the measures contemplated for i Fragile workers which has not been renewed with Budget Law 2023.

there maneuverIn fact, it extended March 31st only the Simplified smart business planexcept for those categories of workers who cannot carry out their work activity in the agile mode.

Fragile workers: a potential extension of agile work measures

there Minister of Labour Opens possibility Extension the Sizes Favor Fragile workers who can not performactivities Working in Agile mode.

during the Instant response questions From January 26, 2023 to SenateActually, Marina Calderone He stated that he intended to introduce A.J positive opinion garlic adjustment suggested to Millebrough Decree which provides for the extension of these measures.

there Budget Law 2023 anticipation extension affiliate Simplified smart business plan to Fragile workers until March 31st.

As read inArticle 1, Paragraph 306I Workers in the public and private sectors affected diseases and conditions set by it decree affiliate Ministry of Health According to Art. 17, Paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree No. 221/2021 can implementwork activity in Agile mode:

“Also by being assigned to a different job included in the same category or field of classification, as specified in the applicable collective labor agreements, without any reduction of the salary employed.”

The standard, however, does not provide details about those Categories to Fragile workers that They can’t Work in agile position as job characteristics do not allow it.

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during the emergency periodIn fact, they were able to take advantage of specific measures, such asEquivalence of absence for hospitalization.

Fragile workers: The Ministry will give a positive opinion to the extension proposals

there Minister CalderoniTherefore, he says he is in favor of an extension Sizes to Fragile workers.

“I share the view that the implementation of work activities in an agile manner fulfills the important purpose of protecting the most vulnerable workers through the function of protection and above all the social and occupational inclusion of diversity.

The Ministry of Labor will support any initiative aimed at extending the instrument at least every three months to continue working to protect people most at risk of contracting Covid disease.”

there ministerthen announces that a discussion is already underway on this pointTechnical conversation with the relevant offices Ministry of Public Administration For joint evaluation of regulatory interventions it is necessary.

As for the modifications to Millebrough Decree The Ministry intends to implement a positive suggestions:

We will give a positive opinion.

So we will see what are the next steps of Government Support for weaker workersespecially those groups that cannot carry out their activities in a graceful position by exposing themselves to Risks for him Health.

the Millebrough Decree and proposed modifications for the time being Consideration in the Senate To convert into law, the process must be completed soon.


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