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Possible continuation of growth in the United States by FinanciaLounge

© Reuters. AllianzGI: A Possible Continuation of Development in the United States

The Alliance (ETR 🙂 Global Investors Weekly Outlook by Senior Economist Greg Meier highlights US consumer downturn: Fed can fight inflation without reducing employment.

Central banks have a difficult task Against inflation Without catching up enough to trigger a recession in the economy. The effects of monetary policy are felt months late, meanwhile political tensions are likely to change drastically. In the weekly perspective of a senior economist Greg Meyer From Alliance Global Investors It is a reminder that the “hard” landings of the economy occur more often than the “soft” landings, in which the central banks compare their mission to the challenge of bringing a rocket from space to Earth and slowly landing vertically. On a platform in the middle of the sea. Possible, but not easy.

Outside forces play

The question today is not whether the eurozone can avoid a recession, but the end is not dependent on geopolitical developments, but rather on the country’s intervention. ECB And there are questions about efficiency Ooty. The US Federal Reserve wants to cut inflation sharply to its lowest level in forty years, with no significant rise in unemployment, and is now nearing a 50-year low. This can be difficult even in the most favorable times. But the central bank must also deal with external forces, including growth and repercussions Swelling China’s zero Govt policy and the invasion of Ukraine …

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