Saturday, July 20, 2024

Positive bags even if the J&J vaccine is discontinued. US inflation above expectations, dollar lower


A shot of amplifone in Milan, good CNH Industrial

Piazza Afari The FTSE MIB Was dragged away by exploitation Multiplier Thanks to S&P’s “promotion,” it elevates perspective consistently (from negative). Salt CNH Industry Based on the hypothesis of a short-term deal with the full galaxy Agnelli, Favo of China, a move to sell Iveco – according to analysts – would lead to an extraordinary coupon. Realize Of diazepam After the tears that preceded the acquisition in the United States, property management was weak. In the currency market, the dollar loses its share after inflation. The rest of the list starts again Ferragni effect Its Dots It reaches a 14-month high: capitalization increased by 200 million euros in three sessions and returned to 1.15 billion. That’s good too Irish After entering the metropolitan capital of Turin with 2.5%.
The blindfolds over the overseas acquisition announced by Sol 24 Ore did not shake the headline General, The insurance company will evaluate new development alternatives through external channels, with a particular focus on Russia and Malaysia, after the acquisition of Aviva’s Polish assets.

Bitcoin for $ 62,000 before Coinbase’s listing

The price of Bitcoin has surpassed 000 62,000, making it one-time high on the previous day of Coinbase, one of IPO’s largest trading platforms. At the start of trading, Bitcoin traded at $ 62,377 and its price has risen 114% since the beginning of the year, with Wall Street preparing to welcome a company into the stock market as it focuses on cryptocurrencies for the first time.

With a PDP allocation of Rs 4 billion over three years, the yield rises by 5 paise

Treasury’s auctioned PDP In detail, the Treasury released the third installment of the 3-year PTP which matured on 15/04/2024 at Rs 4 billion against the Rs 5.519 billion demand. Yield increased by 5 cents to -0.17%. The 15th installment of the 10-year BTP, which expires on 01/06/2026, was also placed against: 1.75 billion against the claims of 2.708 billion, yield was 0.12%. Finally, the second tranche of 15-year PDP maturity 01/03/2037 was set at Rs 2 billion against the total demand of Rs 2.947 billion, and the total yield reached 1.26 per cent. The regulation of the auction comes next April 15th.

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Oil, OPEC raises global demand estimate for 2021

Prices Green On the day OPEC raised its forecast for growth in global oil demand this year in hopes of reducing the Govt-19 epidemic. According to a new report, OPEC estimates that demand will increase by 5.95 million barrels per day, or 6.6%, by 2021, an increase of 70,000 barrels per day compared to the previous month. However, OPEC lowered its forecasts for the second quarter. “As the spread and severity of the epidemic is expected to decrease with the launch of vaccination programs, social distance needs and travel restrictions may be re-measured, which provides greater mobility,” the OPEC report said. The upward correction indicates a change in tone compared to previous months, in which OPEC lowered its forecasts on demand due to continuous interruptions. In New York, a barrel of oil can return up to $ 60.


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