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Porti, Monti (AdSP): "New face in Palermo, 100 million invested for a little miracle"

Porti, Monti (AdSP): “New face in Palermo, 100 million invested for a little miracle”

“For many today, the Costa Toscana dock in Palermo is just the arrival of a ship, and although it is a jewel of technology, it represents us. The story of a beautiful story, made up of men and women who worked to bring the Costa Cruz flag to our port. Until a few years ago it was unthinkable: the seas were not long enough, the terminal that would open next month at the seaport station was captured ”. Pasculino Monty, Chairman of the Port Authority of the West Sicily SeaOn the edge of a press conference aboard the Costa Toscana, which made its first landing in Palermo.

In two and a half years we have achieved – he added. You are working for 100 million euros with team effort and almost finished today with an industrial project born in 2018. We worked and continue to repair the wound between the city and its port – he concluded. Cruise travelers arriving in the port of Palermo should understand that they are not in a hurry, but at the entrance by sea to a magnificent city. Everyone knows the results achieved. I do not exaggerate to say that these are miracles in Italy.

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